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Tripblog 2

The thing about my family in Dallas is they are family in some sense I never aspired to. They all lived along Hillcrest Avenue the last fifty years. My aunt’s kids went to school close to home and the two boys have lived there again since college though the older one just moved out last […]

Tripblog condensed, Week 1

Day 0, Home: Travel doesn’t mean the same thing to me it means to you, almost for sure. It doesn’t mean adventure. It doesn’t mean enrichment. It means nervousness. Day 1, Train: I would put the beginning of the trip as the moment I lay down on my couch to sleep the night before departing […]

Stumbling into someone else’s ladies bar

The first night in Mumbai ended with a police shakedown outside some tacky club in Colaba, the old colonial center stuffed with Victorian mansions, boutique and luxury hotels, the Gateway to India, a Starbucks flanked by airport-style metal detectors, and throngs of young beggars who slapped bracelets of fresh flowers on our wrists and led […]

How to survive a trip to the most heartbreaking place on earth (and still have your heart broken)

Trust me. You will feel it. You will feel guilt and sorrow and frustration. You will fool yourself into thinking that you feel empathy, too, but you don’t. Not really. Not truly. Because how could you know what it’s like? To be born into this. To be doomed from conception. But you will grieve. You […]

Monday photo: Horn OK Please!

Farrell and Jeremy and I have been in India for most of the last week. We landed in Mumbai and spent a few days there before flying south to Goa. (Our original plan to make this a Darjeeling Limited reenactment was foiled by our failure to buy train tickets far enough in advance.) No time […]

Liwa postcard

We spent our Eid al-Adha break, Thursday to Sunday, at the famous oasis at Liwa, about 150 km from Abu Dhabi to the southwest. A crescent of date palms and other green brush that stretches for about 100 km from east to west, the Liwa oasis is the traditional home of the Bani Yas tribe, […]