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Thursday favorites: Rankin and Bass animation

When I was a kid, I didn’t care if television made us violent or contributed to bad grades or meant we had neglectful parents. I loved watching television. Television was what we did: after school, before bed, late on Friday night and two thirds of the day on Saturday. If we wanted to watch something, […]

Thursday Favorites: Google 2001

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Google has made available its oldest search index, from January 2001. Meaning, you can search here and find exactly — and only — the web pages that were available on that subject at that time. If you 2001-Google “Paris Hilton,” for example, you get 1,440 hits, nearly all of […]

Thursday favorites: What it’s like

It’s hard to find powerful figurative language. A good metaphor or simile needs to surprise you, either by describing the same old thing in a brand new way, or else striking a chord of recognition, putting it in some way that you immediately know is just what you meant but you never knew exactly how […]

Thursday favorites: Wacky destinations

Having been on the road for a couple of weeks, I’m struck once again by the fantastic number of truly wacky things there are to see out there. Not just cow chip bingo, but the many other random monuments to kitsch, creativity and questionable taste. Herewith, a few notable examples from recent travels, and some […]

Thursday favorites: Polygamist houses

The polygamist house has always fascinated me. It somehow has to hold multiple wives, a large number of children, and the husband that organizes them all. A few weeks ago, a friend and I spent a day in the polygamist community of Colorado City, Arizona taking pictures of houses. We had some pretty unreal experiences […]

Thursday playlist: Fighting depression

Summer is ending. Just typing those words depresses me. This post is about depression. I get depressed a few times a year and I'm sure most of you probably do too. It's happening to me again. The days are getting appreciably shorter and the light is changing. Our tree is already losing its leaves. Nights […]

Us (and them) weekly

My name is S. Godfree and I am an addict. That’s not completely true – I can usually control myself and not actively pursue my guilty weakness, but every now and again, I’m in a place where it’s easily attainable, and most frighteningly, free. To make matters worse, we recently had a couple of houseguests […]

Thursday favorites: Shameful products

You buy shade grown coffee. You try not to eat meat. You never buy products that aren’t cruelty free. You scorn SUVs. You only use cage free eggs and milk with no growth hormones. You shun Nikes and the sweatshops that churn them out. You make sure the salmon is wild caught and, if possible, […]

Thursday favorites: Animated shorts

A friend just sent me a link to a short video. You know how this is. You appreciate that someone watched something and thought of you, thought how you might enjoy watching it too, and then took the time to compose a short message to you and include a link to the video. You’re the […]

Thursday favorites: Summertime cocktails

Thursday Favorites is a group-written list—like a mix tape of things where everyone adds an entry. Okay, I’ll start. When you’re sitting on the patio pretending you don’t have to work the next day and the night is warm and long and your music is loud and the junebugs are buzzin’ and your pals are […]