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Weekend rec

This should be required — not simply recommended — viewing for all Americans this and every other 4th of July weekend. Is there any more concise expression of why we should ambivalently love this country?   What was the best holiday-related thing you watched or listened to this weekend?

Potentially funny or mean spirited?

From the New York Times: custom essay writing ‘Book of Mormon’ Announces Cast and Designers By ERIK PIEPENBURG “The Book of Mormon,” the first Broadway musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park,” has found its Mormons. Josh Gad, a correspondent on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” and Andrew Rannells […]

Opening night

I had trouble concentrating today. I was even more fidgety than usual: shuffling printed emails into random stacks, moving my pen from tote to desk and then dropping it on the floor, walking into rooms without remembering why. My body was jerky, projecting sympathetic butterflies from another stomach. Tonight is opening night for my son, the […]

The most important thing

A favorite joke of mine, set in the middle of the last century, I imagine around the time Brando was making his debut: A young Method actor is having lunch at Sardi’s with an old ham of an actor and asking for advice about the craft. Young Method Actor: I’m working on a scene right […]

Just the two of us: More short reviews

I suppose the rest of you will put your reviews in the comments. Mainstream media “The job of a newspaper,” goes the old saying, “is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Newspapers used to be seen as protectors of the little guy, seekers of truth, pillars of the community. Now, the “mainstream media” […]