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RIP Lou Reed

Impossible to know where to start, really.

Weekend recs

Hidden things on hills, San Francisco, California San Francisco gives up its secrets slowly, but they are fabulous. Relying on Google map directions to visit friends-of-a-friend, we ended up climbing the Filbert Steps up Telegraph Hill. They rose through an improbable fairyland of Victorian cottages and exotic plants, some kind of vertical Shire tucked right […]

Songs for a super kick-ass Fall

blackjack online Songs for a super kick-ass Fall from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. It happened again. Another mix from Farrell Fawcett. Not much to say except that there are a surprising number of danceable songs on here. What does that mean? I don't know. That I still love to shake it? For sure. Absolutely! In […]

Weekend recs

Sam Francis: Five Decades of Abstract Expressionism from California Collections, Pasadena Museum of California Art, now through January 5, 2014 Do giant, colorful abstract paintings make your heart thrum? Does your very being vibrate at a special frequency when you are in the presence of overwhelming visual beauty? Do you dig the mysteries of the […]

A brief defense of Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait

Mark Richardson says just about everything I would want to say about Another Self Portrait (1969-1971), the richly rewarding tenth volume in Dylan’s Bootleg Series. It’s hard not to see Dylan flipping the bird with the title of this new collection, given that the original Self Portrait (1970) has generally been regarded as one of […]

Friday Playlist: Catching up on Summer

buy cheap cigars online Catching up on Summer 2013 from Seroquel on 8tracks Radio. It's October 4th, and on the East and West Coasts America's weather feels like August, like summer never packed up and left. So here's a little summer thrill-ride. These are the top 20 songs played on our iTunes devices this summer. […]

It must be always night, otherwise they wouldn’t need the lights.

Tips from Thelonious Monk.

Weekend recs

The IT Crowd, written by Graham Linehan 2006-2010 The humor in British TV series The IT Crowd is both ridiculous and exceedingly clever. Richard Ayoade and co-star Chris O’Dowd play incurably dorky computer techs Roy and Moss, managed by computer illiterate Jen (Katherine Parkinson), working in the IT department of a huge multinational corporation.   Ayoade […]

Weekend recs

Tracey Thorn, Bedsit Disco Queen: How I Grew Up and Tried to Be a Pop Star (Virago UK, 2013) Tracey Thorn’s voice: simply sublime. It evokes salted caramels, rainy English afternoons, Dusty Springfield 45s. It can do anything: orchestral pop, trip-hop, house music for grown-ups. So what a treat to discover that she can write, […]

Weekend recs

Turn Around Bright Eyes, by Rob Sheffield (2013) Part memoir of sweetness and falling in love, part musing meditation on the cultural relevance of ubergods like Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond, part spelunking exploration of the shimmering psyche of why we Must Sing Karaoke. Nobody remembers every second of pop culture and every conversation he […]