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2015?!! Shit. Mixmas got delivered in February. All the better. Xoxo

2015: Will get better from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. 2015: Happy to be Here from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. Hey my loves, I guess I can’t help myself. I still make a mixmas. In fact I made two. Two different vibes. It made sense to me. What made it a bit more fun this year […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love the run

Jesus, I can't believe that's the title of this post. Love the run? Seriously? Cause I fucking hated running. My whole life. Totally hated running. I thought runners were kind of bonkers. (I'm sorry lovely darling runners out there, I know I'm a total judgey asshole.) But I thought people who ran a lot, like […]


Cleaning out my desk today for an office move I discovered a copy of an essay I received from a student a couple years ago. I asked the class to write about a person who had had a big influence on them. I reproduce the essay here as is, with only the real names redacted. […]

Oldness and sex

Some colleagues and I were just out having dinner and out-olding one another. One woman said she was glad to finally be old enough that our college students look like tiny soft little babies who could not possibly be sexually attractive to anyone. I responded that I feel so old I see them as being […]

I want to get old

Reading this excellent, somewhat-Shandean meditation on the glories of post-menopausal life by Roseanne Barr got me all jealous. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of my time around post-menopausal women lately, but I’m going through a phase in which I simply can’t wait to be in my mid-50’s. I think that’s […]

What is best in life?

The canonical answer. For the rest of us, it is a bit more complex. I worried about this question almost constantly when I was a child. Should I strive for intellectual grandeur? Should I try to get political or physical power over others? Should I find someone who loves me in return, or just try […]

Censorship is a Funny Thing

In the past few weeks, my roommate and I have watched a couple of movies that got their directors banned from making films in their home countries. We didn’t set out to do it; it’s just what we like, I guess. It seems a bit extreme to me, not just to ban the film itself, […]

Ask, tell, et cetera

Not long ago, ran an Explainer column describing how the U.S. military ascertains whether a service member is gay, for purposes of booting them out under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Apparently, photos are the best, most reliable source. Facebook postings are another key source: Does the soldier post about having a same-sex partner? Do […]

Sex education

Teen fiction is a massive fiction market, but when I was a teenager in the early 1980s we had to make the leap from children’s literature to literature with nothing in between.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I vividly remember the cruelty and transgression of Paul Zindel’s The Pigman and the taboo-busting discussions of menstruation […]

Things I remember about coming out in the ‘80s

Rachel’s and Dave’s posts this week stirred up a lot of thought about my own coming out circa 1987 in college.  Random memories won out over narrative or analysis: I didn’t realize until later that when she kept sleeping naked with me in my bed, she wanted to be more than friends. Sinead O’Connor was […]