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Monday photo

Yoshitomo Nara at Pace (closed June 29).

Glamour shot

LA Absmobbers

Tuesday retro

1. Go now to Retronaut, a site with random compendia of fascinating vintage images. It will suck up untold hours if you let it. The page on the “Encyclopedia of Home Improvement, 1970” is what first sucked me in…   …but you can also enjoy such wonders as “Evolution of US Breakfast Cereals“…   …”Typewriter […]

Photography 102

This week…depth of field!  It’s all about the circles of confusion. Larger aperture, smaller depth of field:     Smaller aperture, larger depth of field:     Why does everything in photography work in the inverse? And then slowing and blurring motion with shutter speed.  I spent hours running the shower water but the images […]

Travel summery pt. 6: New Jersey, the dream state

I was a scared little kid, and since NJ is where I grew up, the state still holds a greater degree of creepiness than any place I’ve since been.  Even if I weren’t from there, however, Jersey would likely put me ill at ease. I shot these during a walk on the beach.  The fog […]

Photography 101

Changing shutter speed!! Who knew what a difference it would make!

Monday Photo – We Cut Heads

Filling in for a vacationing Scotty Gee.

These colors don’t run; they just fade away

American dreams pt. 5: economic dreams