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Thursday playlist: 10 recent gripes

Ten recent gripes: How Do You Get Your Ex Back Yahoo Answers 1.) Aging 2.) American people's opposition to Progressive Taxation. How did so many Americans reach the conclusion that it is not the role of goverment to correct economic injustice? It makes me sick that lofty principals of limited government trump the equally lofty […]

We’re lame!

Or not. I don’t know. How can we be sure? Even though the premise seems like a set-up for easy present-bashing in favor of a twisted nostalgia for a period when new music was, you know, good, I’m looking forward to reading Simon Reynolds’ recent book, Retromania. Part of the blurb on Amazon makes it […]

The new worst thing I’ve ever heard on NPR

This all started when I decided to do some yoga this summer. I bought a mat for $5.98 at Lot-Less and watched a video on streaming Netflix to learn the sun salutation. And this morning I thought it would be a good idea to run through some sun salutations and relax into the day. Problem […]

Thursday Playlist

Good morning! Is It Possible To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After A Year Here are three of my latest enthusiams: 1.) This essay, “You blow my mind. Hey Mickey!” from the NYT magazine two weeks ago. It's written by a former stoner Dad taking his kids to Disneyworld for the first time. He's really […]

Come back to the five and dime, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Husband and I have just delved into the first two episodes of “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” the cult TV show from the mid-70’s starring Louise Lasser as the title character of a Norman Lear soap-opera send-up set in fictional Fernwood, Ohio. The cast also includes Dodi Goodman as Mary’s ditzy mother and Mary Kay […]

Sorry, late entry

Nice idea: 10 inspired book-and-album pairings here. Back In Touch With An Ex Some are pretty clever, but ten wasn't enough. And I don't really need all the extra text (except for those books I wasn't familiar with). Anyway, the list made me think that y'all could think of even more satisfying pairings. Here are […]

The Bieber Fieber

Oh, yeah. We&# How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back From A Rebound 039;ve totally got it. Yes, we went and saw the movie (Never Say Never). Yes, it's because we have a six year old. OK, fine. That's a lie. Our kid is really not that into Justin Bieber. But it seemed like a […]

You get to color this one in yourself

To start off, a provocative post about the media by John Emerson: Everyone talks about the media, but no one has been able to do anything about it. I share the common opinion that the disaster of contemporary American politics is in large part the result of the corruption and dishonesty of the media, and […]

Tuesday videos: What’s this Internet thing?

For your viewing pleasure today: A 1994 clip of the hosts of the Today Show, completely flummoxed upon encountering an email address. Please note especially Katie Couric’s classic hairdo and Bryant Gumbel’s infuriating arrogance. [youtube][/youtube] A 1978 clip of Phil Donahue, that silver lion, interviewing a puckish Ayn Rand. Be sure to watch long enough […]

Mixmas 2010 – the embarrassing version

If you're keeping up here, you might be aware that there are two parts to this year's Fawcett/Honeycups mixmas. Part one, released last week, was an expansive showcase of our unassailable impeccably exquisitely awesome taste. Part two is quite the opposite. Here we open up and let you see the underside. No pretense. No holding […]