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Sunday WTF

Here’s a picture of an ad that’s all over the Boston subway system: WTF? Is this viral marketing for a new movie based on a Philip* K. Dick novel? What is a peace paramour? *Also, how often is this first name spelled with one “l” and how often with two?

Jesus in the news

Jesus, often accused of diversion and rabble rousing, has managed to distract the media again, even in a week where Mitt is sporting a suspicious tan. The news this time?  A fourth century papyrus hinting he may have had a wife.   The scholar who announced her discovery is an expert in early Christianity and presented […]

Lurking in the Shadows 2: Not Safe for Scotty

Lurking in the shadows

A bittersweet family portrait

Please withhold names from comments.

Berlin apartment porn no.1

Monday photo: vegas street scene

Student of the year

It was absolutely exhilarating to have a Vietnam vet who served 3 years in the Alabama state pen before being released in light of new evidence in my American legal system class. Every semester should be such a hoot!  

HookerTee from LV

For those of you who haven’t been to Las Vegas, there are people all along the strip wearing these tees who hand out advertisements  for hookers — I just had to have one (a shirt, not a hooker).

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