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2015?!! Shit. Mixmas got delivered in February. All the better. Xoxo

2015: Will get better from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. 2015: Happy to be Here from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. Hey my loves, I guess I can’t help myself. I still make a mixmas. In fact I made two. Two different vibes. It made sense to me. What made it a bit more fun this year […]

Reefers and vino, rest cures, religion and pills

One of my goals when I was in high school was to go to college and smoke marijuana. I was a squeaky clean kid, mostly because my parents somehow managed to install themselves as giant floating superegos that went with me everywhere, but I knew college was going to be the land of Id, which […]

Pretty songs to get you through your winter crushes

So here it is: the second half of mixmas 2012. This is a much more easy-going set of songs. These songs, unlike part one, don't demand running shoes and gas pedals and hurtling velocity. They feel comfortable in a living room. Or on a brisk walk with a hat and gloves. Or with a glass […]

Drug art pop quiz

Washington, D.C. artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took lots of different kinds of drugs. After ingesting each one, he drew a self-portrait. The resulting collection, titled Drugs, is a fascinating window into how different substances affect the mind. Click here for the full collection, but before doing so, try this pop quiz. The portraits below were […]

Video on the theme of Funny/Perplexing

America, in abstraction: [youtube][/youtube] What English Really Sounds Like: [youtube][/youtube] (“…sung entirely in gibberish designed to sound like American English.”) You know how I feel about kids but: [youtube][/youtube]

Ten hours

I recently stumbled across this video:  ten hours of Darth Vader’s wheezing. [youtube][/youtube] Hypnotic! Weird! Fabulous! But then things got even more hypnotic, weird and fabulous when I discovered that the “ten-hour video” is a bona fide Interwebs phenomenon. People are looping together short clips to make ten hours’ worth of all kinds of ridiculous […]

I believe that children are our future. This is not a good thing.

I had to watch in 1-minute intervals and I missed a lot of it because the part of my brain that processes language would periodically blow a fuse out of some self-preservation instinct and I would stop understanding the words. If you can watch the whole thing at a stretch without dying of vicarious embarrassment, […]

On Drugs

As long as I can remember, my heroes have been drug addicts. There were some confused messages when I was little, when my parents were trying on the one hand to share with us their favorite artists, singers, and actors, but on the other to share with us their gruesome ends. All I connected in […]

June 2010: Transcendence

The Gun Club – Sex Beat Jorge Ben Jor – Errare Humanun Est The John Shakespear Orchestra – Number One Theme Neu! – Isi Jean Louis – Misaotra Mama Roy Ayers – The Memory Roy Ayers – Feel Like Making Love Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots Spacemen 3 – Big City (Everybody I Know […]


I just woke up after 10 hours of solid sleep. I passed out while reading with all the lights on and my contacts in. I dragged myself out of bed just to start working, at 5am, and will be working until I fall asleep again tonight. I am barely alive. Yes, it’s the summer session. […]