Monkey suit not included

Greetings, good people.

What a long and lonely summer it has been, estranged from your loving attention and thoughtful comments. I have so enjoyed my daily visits to TGW, despite the fact that I have relegated myself to lurker status. I am almost intimidated to rejoin the ranks of such talented and entertaining writers. Really. You guys rule.


The past few months have contained a lot of work for us around here. Mr. Fawcett and I have continued to work almost daily on the renovation of the first floor of our house here in Philly. We have bashed out walls, built new walls, laid down a variety of floors, put in windows and doors, planned a kitchen, and so much more. We spend virtually every night talking and planning about upcoming phases of our project. Despite the things we had heard about the effect of home renovations on the stability of a relationship, it has been for us an intensely satisfying way to commune. I heartily recommend it.

In addition, I spent a lot of time studying for an exam that I finally took on August 30th to become a board certified physician. For those of you interested in having fun, I cannot recommend taking a licensing exam. Anti-fun. Deeply anti. Farrell did a lot of extra babysitting to ensure that I had time enough to read and think about medicine. A news flash for all y’all: medicine can be boring. Have pity on your doctors: they have endured much hardship to listen to your own hardships. Hopefully I passed that goddamn motherfucker. More to come. Or not.


William has taken advantage of his free time this summer to become a full-blown little boy. He talks incessantly. One morning this summer, he uttered his first full sentence while listening to the (almost constant) drone of power tools revving on the first floor. He said, “Cut the wood!” followed shortly by, “Cut the wood with a saw!!” 20 months, people. He is a carpentry prodigy. He will make an amazing general contractor with mad skills such as these.


One of the other talents that William has cultivated recently involves placing small yet important objects into the kitchen trash without our knowledge. Thanks to this cleverness we have not had a camera for the past several months to document the progress on the house. I finally gave up and bought one a couple weeks ago. My next post will therefore be an attempt to demonstrate the most recent evolution of our renovation. There will sadly not be a lot of gratifying “before and during and afters” but I will do my best to make it an interesting post nonetheless. A notice to you all: photographs will not exempt any of youse from attending our new year’s event/first annual east coast TGW conference. (Not even you, Bacon and Andrea…) Notice: there will be a catwalk. Get your dance moves ready. Bring your boas, tiaras, monkey suits, and a change of costume–a minimum of three outfits or be turned away at the door. Naked dances are fine also; in fact, per William, they are encouraged. Nudity counts as a costume change.


I am revving up, people, and getting ready for an exciting and fascinating season of wowing you all with spellbinding, captivating posts about life, work, and whatever. Starting next time. I promise.

Love and kisses,


11 responses to “Monkey suit not included”

  1. Lisa Parrish says:

    Welcome back, Trixie! Nice monkey suit — looks like John McEnroe. xoxo

  2. Wow. That is some basket of flower hearts.

    Trixie, I’m so happy your exams are behind you. You’ll be my doctor of doctors no matter what. Looking forward to pictures from your new camera–


  3. Rachel says:

    Good to hear from you, Trix! You’ve been missed.

    “Nudity counts as a costume change”: the new slogan of The Great [Good] Whatsit?

  4. Scott Godfrey says:

    I look forward to your re-emergence from the shadows. And I can’t wait to bounce da floor with ya’ll.

  5. bryan says:

    rachel — i say we get it printed on the back of our t-shirts.

  6. Stephanie Wells says:

    Delighful post, T! I just want to remind all you Englishy career types that the MLA convention is also in Philadelphia from Dec. 27-30…    

  7. bryan says:

    ah, yes. the other reason i was going to philly in december.

  8. the hubbs says:

    Steph, might’ve been a good comment to post under L. Dogfight.

  9. Tim Wager says:

    Loved the post, basket o’ hearts and all. Sad to know that there won’t be any photos from the work you’ve done over the last few months, but looking forward to more when available.

    I must say that MLA in Philly is a great reason for me to stay away, being a recovering academic and all. All the same, I’ll discuss with Jen the possibilities of an East Coast holiday swing, reserving New Year’s for the soiree chez Fawcett-Honeycups.

  10. ssw says:

    Guess what Trixie? My birthday is August 30th. I feel so bonded to you.

  11. Adriana says:

    Glad to see you’re back! Congratulations on getting through the exams.

    I love the talking! It’s amazing when you start hearing what’s going on in your child’s head. It’s fun before — but so much more fun as you see a personality explode into being with verbal ability. So happy for you two.