Thursday Playlist: Sunday Morning Mix

Sunday mornings are lovely, no?
Around these parts, there are few things that we enjoy early on a Sunday more than than a hot french press of strong coffee, the Sunday Times, and a decent soundtrack.
To be honest, we never really listened to these songs all together, much less in this sequence. But they are listenable as a playlist, and we hope you enjoy it.
Number twenty is a shoutout to William Lines. It was for sure his favorite song of 2008. I wish I could beam a video of him solemnly singing it directly into each and every TGW reader’s brain. You would thank me.

The Playlist:

1. “Sunny Sunday Mill Valley Groove Day” The Sir Douglas Quintet
2. “Take the 227th exit” Papercuts
3. “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” She and Him
4. “Bobby Malone Moves Home” Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
5. “Ms. November” The Silver Seas
6. “The Heartbreak Rides” A.C. Newman
7. “Wonder Land” Eri Yamamoto Trio
8. “Family Tree” TV on the Radio
9. “Lightning Song” Blood on the Wall
10. “Vid spilum endalaust” Sigur Ros
11. “Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle” The Mountain Goats
12. “River Card” Atlas Sound
13. “There Are Birds” Ruby Suns
14. “Namer” High Places
15. “Parachute” Shugo Tokumaru
16. “Creature Fear” Bon Iver
17. “Until We Bleed” Kleerup (feat. Lykke Li)
18. “Campus” Rostam Batmanglij
19. “Life in Technicolor” Coldplay
20. “Sentimental Heart” She and Him

10 responses to “Thursday Playlist: Sunday Morning Mix”

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks! This looks really good. I think we’ve discussed Sunday morning music here before; I go for abstract guitar music or the country & western show on a local college station. FMU has a reggae show on Sunday mornings that I can listen to for about 5 minutes before I reach my semi-annual reggae quota.

  2. Rogan says:

    Nice! Thanks. FYI, one of the songs won’t play without ‘authorization,’ and ITunes gives up your real name and email address in the authorization dialogue box. But what a fun list. Locked and loaded for the rest of the afternoon.

  3. Jeremy says:

    You’re killing me…. This is wonderful. And makes me miss you and Philly and waking up and having French-pressed coffee and listening to music in the mornings (well, early afternoons sometimes for me)…

    (And, what, no Taylor Swift as a shout-out to William?)

  4. Trixie Honeycups says:

    Hey Rogan,

    Yeah, the TV on the Radio song. Fixed now. Thanks for the alert.

    PS. remember, these are SUNDAY morning songs. But, who are we to police unintended use of them? Enjoy!

  5. Natasha says:

    Thanks, Trixie! I can’t believe it’s been a week since Bach — time flies. It’s amazing how many scenarios are there for Sunday mornings: some people make Bloody Marys; some go skiing; some watch TV; and you guys, picked the best one of all, you listen to some really cool music! I liked #3 and #9 a lot. #14 and #17 were weird and crazy, ergo incredibly beautiful for it.

  6. Rachel says:

    This evokes such wonderful memories (bagels and lox with the sun streaming in and Tokumaru on the speakers…mmm). Thanks!

  7. Jane says:

    Fantastic playlist! Two She & Him songs? Good choice. I, for one, am more of a “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” kind of girl, but “Sentimental Heart” is my second favorite.

    I cheated and listened to this playlist today, though I have a feeling it will be played on many Sundays to come.


  8. Farrell says:

    You’re welcome. Jane, if you like sentimental heart, you’d like the 1st mix (where that very song is included) that we featured two weeks ago. And Rachel, I never told you how much I liked your 2008 mix. It was full of songs I’d never heard all year. And several got swept up into high rotation playlists. Thanks.

  9. J-man says:

    As it turns out, these are also great songs for doing one’s taxes to. Thanks!

  10. trixie says:

    what? you are already doing your taxes?!?