nwbw 2014 mix (I want to see all my friends at once)


For your streaming pleasure, Nathan and I hereby, and belatedly, offer you our 2014 mix. Everything here was released last year. These aren’t necessarily our favorite tracks of the year — several of mine were spent on my summer mix — but they come from a cluster of our favorite albums and we like how they sound together. They sound like 2014. And a lot of other years. Check back for a link to a single mp3 download.

Track list:

1. The Bombay Royale, “Khubsoorat Bewafa”
2. Xeno & Oaklander, “Nuage d’Ivoire”
3. Amen Dunes, “I Know Myself”
4. Karol Conka, “Gandaia”
5. Hot Chip, “Go Bang”
6. Parkay Quarts, “Psycho Structures”
7. EZTV, “The Light”
8. David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, “Lost Myself in Sound”
9. Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong, “Pale Tone Wifi”
10. Blonde Redhead, “Mind to Be Had”
11. Matt Kivel, “You and I Only”
12. The Fresh & Onlys, “Arsenal of One”
13. 石橋英子 / Eiko Ishibashi, “時を告げて”
14. Eno & Hyde, “Return”
15. Todd Terje, “Johnny & Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)”
16. Caribou, “Can’t Do without You”

2014 – I WANT TO SEE ALL MY FRIENDS AT ONCE by Nwbw on Mixcloud

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4 responses to “nwbw 2014 mix (I want to see all my friends at once)”

  1. Nathan says:

    you can also download the single mp3 here:


  2. GF says:

    We are going to listen to this today!

  3. Fun mix! Listening to it over and over today. And so nice to see that old print, what is the story there?

  4. Bryan says:

    Hi, Derick. Glad you like it. That was the big print that used to hang in our place on Broome St. We found it in Philly at a thrift store’s sidewalk sale and Farrell schlepped it back to New York for us. Nate has it now. It seemed to fit the title of our mix.