Bay Area weather forecast

Heat Advisory

There is a range of temperatures that’s expected and safe — mid 70s as a high (if it’s hot), upper 50s as a low (if it’s cold). Beyond that, Bay Areans see danger everywhere. Today, it might get up to 88 degrees (84 in San Francisco). Seek shelter and drink plenty of liquids, people. You might even want to leave your light sweaters at home today.

6 responses to “Bay Area weather forecast”

  1. Bryan says:

    Sounds like winter weather for us.

  2. Bryan says:

    I just checked and overnight this week we may get as low as 82. Still topping out at around 100 during the days, but the humidity’s dropping so 100 feels downright pleasant. Beach season coming!

  3. swells says:

    Dave, by this time next year you’ll be right there with ’em. Trust me.

  4. Dave says:

    Update: Everyone is safe and hydrated. Moar head heat advisory today. Pray for us.

    In reality, it got up to about 90, and since the humidity is low it was quite pleasant, I mean probably not as Bryan’s 100 degrees and 80 percent humidity but still.

  5. GF says:

    It was glorious. There’s nothing so pleasant as the evening after a hot day. A funny side effect of it all was that the cat became a languid puddle of cat, looking up from under the couch with a look that said “even meowing is too much effort.”

  6. LP says:

    You guys. 54 degrees is, like, parka weather. I don’t know how you’re living through this.