TGW spins: Sunbathing Animal

So I feel like I’d just come to terms with how much I relish Parquet Courts’ breakthrough LP, Light Up Gold, when — BAM — they’ve dropped another record. Their third album, Sunbathing Animal will still remind you of Pavement at times, maybe Beat Happening, or other bands on the thru-line that runs from those ’90s kids back to The Clean, but there’s a lot on this record that conjures up Modern Lovers or, in the deliciously rambunctious title track, above, the Velvets themselves. Why yes, thank you. I’ll play the whole album again. For now, at least, you can stream it in full at The Guardian.

2 responses to “TGW spins: Sunbathing Animal

  1. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Really fun album. Really nice turnpike soundtrack. Definitely totally reminds me of Pavement et al. Kinda dude rock, if that’s a category. But definitely some smart talented dudes. (although I do miss Pavement’s way of crafting a melody. And sense of humor) That guardian link doesn’t quite work for me. But the NPR First Listen link is a good option here on this continent. In fact, godbless First Listen, my consolidator of all new almost-released albums. For the last dude in america who’s without a streaming membership. How much longer can he last?! We must all comply soon, right? Oh well. Atleast for now there’s First Listen. Thanks for posting this Bry!

  2. Bryan says:

    Spent a bit of time in the car today with Charlie and Anna. Kind of fun to have him demanding particular Parquet Courts songs (he’s a big fan of “Stoned and Starving”) and to have Anna connect it to the girls’ childhood, singing along to Pavement when we lived in Boston.

    Lots of Minutemen in there too.