L.A. Burnout

It is HERE that you can download a great compilation of 1960s and ’70s L.A.-centric music.

As the maker of the mix says, “L.A. Burnout is made up of the sounds floating around Los Angeles in the late ’60s and ’70s; a faded aural imprint of the canyons, beaches, wildfires, neighborhoods, late-nights and early mornings of a bygone L.A.”

So goooooood.

P.S. I know that downloading is passé. Fight the trend.

3 responses to “L.A. Burnout”

  1. Dave says:

    We listened to a bunch of this last night. Fantastic. Made me want to move south a few hundred miles, and of course back in time four decades.

  2. T-Mo says:

    P.S. There’s a Part 2.

  3. GF says:

    We have listened to it many times! Why did I not notice that the Valley of the Dolls theme was on there? I love that song.