21 from 2013

21 from 2013 from _waterman on 8tracks Radio.

Some songs that were published in 2013. Mood: laid back, late night.

Most of these come from albums that were also favorites, so you may as well count this as a top 21 list too, though these tracks were picked for the mix, not necessarily because I think they were the best tracks of the year. Make sense? Let me know if something tickled your fancy, was new, or sounded new in a new context. Cheers.

Side A

“Let’s Play”/Statue of a Man — Mutual Benefit
Quantum — Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory
Cornelia and Jane — Yo La Tengo
Honest — Heavenly Beat
Data World — Wild Nothing
Protogenesis — Grumbling Fur
This Is a True Heart — Julia Holter
Among the Sef — Colin Stetson
Still Life — Oneohtrix Point Never
This Island Earth — The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

Side B

Bye Bye — Destroyer
Infinite Power — Krill
Glare of the Sun — Swearin’
In Vertigo — Beach Fossils
Rebirth — Yuck
Snowflakes are Dancing — Kurt Vile
Swan Dive — Waxahatchee
So Good at Being in Trouble — Unknown Mortal Orchestra
T.H.M. — Deerhunter
She Found Now — My Bloody Valentine
Krill Cover (“Solitaire”) — Frankie Cosmos

3 responses to “21 from 2013”

  1. Farrell Lines says:

    First off, I love that photo (b/c I’ve seen it in person?). I find those shapes so pleasing.

    I’ve only played this mix a couple of times so far. I really like so many songs here. And as a whole mix, it’s just perfect for late night. You always manage to pick songs from an album I heard and liked, but you pick the song I never lingered on. And you help me. To discover something worthy and wonderful in it. Like the songs by Julia Holter, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, Kurt Vile, Deerhunter. Then there are the very unexpected moments. Like The Bryan Ferry Orchestra song. Really cool mood change. The UMO song I liked just ok before, but it just keeps opening up its smartness and pleasures. Never heard Grumbling Fur before. Really liked it too. (Why is the fur grumbling?) Why don’t we just sit down and have a beer soon and play the whole thing? Really appreciate your curating work here. Thanks! I hope this brings out mixes by the other music obsessives around here.

  2. Bryan says:

    I wonder if the “you pick the song I never lingered on” has to do with listening to albums rather than singles? I know you prefer the latter, but I still have such a thing for listening to albums through over and over. Still, glad there was something new or new-ish here. I really love the Bryan Ferry Orchestra project. One of my favorite records of the year for sure. And I also like that song placement in this mix. It still reminds you that Colin Stetson was just pumping away a minute ago, but it’s a very different bit of sax.

    Grumbling Fur was the #1 album last year for The Quietus. I hadn’t heard it until I read their list. Then I listened to it a lot.

    The Krill/Swearin’/Frankie Cosmos thru-line deserves a shout out to the Pelly twins. I first heard Krill’s version of “Solitaire” on a Jenn Pelly mix and I’m pretty sure Liz was the one who tumbled the FC cover, which I really dig. Nice line about Arthur Russell at the end.

  3. T-Mo says:

    First time listen, finally. Love love love the Colin Stetson. So Albert Ayler-esque! More later.