Thursday playlist: Rachel’s holiday mix ’07 edition

1. “I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar” — Jonathan Richman
2. “Giddy Stratospheres” — The Long Blondes
3. “Chain Reaction” — U.S. Funk Team
4. “You Got Your Cherry Bomb” — Spoon
5. “All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth” — The New Pornographers
6. “My Piano” — Hot Chip
7. “Princess” — Datarock
8. “Budos Rising” — The Budos Band
9. “Hatchet (Optimum Version)” — Low
10. “Set Yourself on Fire” — Charlotte Gainsbourg
11. “White Tooth Man” — Iron & Wine
12. “Acid Test” — Emma Pollack
13. “100 Days, 100 Nights” — Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
14. “Get Around to It” — Tracey Thorn
15. “End of an Era” — Midnight Juggernauts
16. “Jimmy” — M.I.A.
17. “UFO” — ESG
18. “As Above, So Below” — Klaxons
19. “Flashlight Fight” — The Go! Team
20. “Popcorn” — Gershon Kingsley

It’s a relentlessly upbeat mix because I needed a bulwark against the shitstorm that was 2007.

Click here to download the tracks.

10 responses to “Thursday playlist: Rachel’s holiday mix ’07 edition”

  1. So my cold-ass morning run across the bridges took me through track 12. Some preliminary thoughts:

    1. This is a great mix to run to. Relentlessly upbeat indeed.
    2. You always did have a great ear for power pop hooks.
    3. I knew almost none of these songs and I am happy to have them on my ipod.
    4. I resolve to put more friends’ mixes on ipod and start listening to mixes again, the way we used to when we were forced to play the same old tapes and CDs over and over.
    5. The Hot Chip track actually turned up as track 18 when I downloaded it, for some reason.
    6. Could I be any more in love with Charlotte Gainsbourg?
    7. Some great lines in there: Which song had the line “Success is just survival taken to the extreme” or something like that?
    8. I obviously haven’t listened to Low in a while. Or is this a remix that’s still uncharacteristic of what they do? I remember them way more slow-core than this.
    9. Can’t wait to listen to the second half while I eat breakfast and get ready for work.

  2. 10. This one’s a question — how many of these songs were from 2007?

  3. Rachel says:

    First of all, here’s to 2008! I hope we all have a wonderful year, a year of positive CHANGE (coughWcough).

    Bry, Thanks for listening on your cold-ass morning run! It is precisely one degree above zero here in NH.

    Almost all of the songs are from 2007, except–
    the Jonathan Richman (1992).

    U.S. Funk Team–I downloaded this track, I think from the Badminton Stamps blog, and all I know is that the band is (was?) from Philly. Anyone know more?

    The Datarock track is older, but the album was released in the USA in 07.

    ESG is still playing together (!), but this track is from the band’s early-80s heyday. The only band to play Paradise Garage AND the Hacienda!

    “Popcorn” is a track that’s been covered by a lot of folks. I’m not sure when this version is from.

    Do you like the Emma Pollack song? She used to be in the Delgados. The Low track was released as a 7″ and is indeed very different from the version on “Drums and Guns,” which has a slower arrangement and a male vocal .

    I resolve to get more year-end mixes from Whatsiters! Contributors, please consider posting a playlist–I love discovering new music.

  4. Dave says:

    I made it halfway through track 9 on the train this morning. The U.S. Funk Team song is really something. I’m glad to have mixes like this to counterbalance the depressive shit I usually load onto my ipod.

  5. bryan says:

    I wondered why Emma Pollack’s voice sounded so familiar. I loved the Delgados. I had no idea she had a solo project out.

  6. Dave says:

    Also: What Rachel said about contributors (and commenters) doing playlists. Email me, people, and sign up.

  7. Tim Wager says:

    Upbeat fun! Thanks, Rachel.

  8. Beth W says:

    Thanks for the playlist Rachel! On the first listen I liked Low and Emma Pollack best. I think a lot of the others will grow on me though.

  9. Mark says:

    I loved the mix Rach! I haven’t heard a lot of these songs either, and it was nice to hear some new sounds.

  10. cynthia says:

    Great Mix, it was also nice for me to hear some new tunes