Weekend recs

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Turn Around Bright Eyes, by Rob Sheffield (2013)

Part memoir of sweetness and falling in love, part musing meditation on the cultural relevance of ubergods like Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond, part spelunking exploration of the shimmering psyche of why we Must Sing Karaoke. Nobody remembers every second of pop culture and every conversation he ever had as vividly as Rob, and when it comes to the tell, nobody does it better. Whip-smart, knee-slappin’, and heart-meltin’ — he’ll have ya grinning with delight and recognition on every page. — Stephanie Wells

Twerking bad

I’ve sent this to a couple people this week because I thought it was funny. I love seeing Marie and Hank’s faces looking so distressed in such a different context. It kills me. And it’s not a spoiler. Your moment of Zen for the weekend. ‘Cause aren’t twerking and Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus and Breaking Bad kind of on everyone’s radar this week? This is the week Twerking officially joined the Oxford English Dictionary. — Farrell Fawcett

5 responses to “Weekend recs”

  1. GF says:

    One’s main concern about Mlle. Cyrus is that she seems to be experiencing tardive dyskenisia.

  2. Bryan says:

    I had to Google tardive dyskenisia.

    Swells, thanks for reminding me to still be bitterly jealous with those of you who’ve been to karaoke with robsheff. And for reminding me to order the book. One can only hope he’s ever been to this place. Have I ever told you guys that the people I wrote about in that post tried to contact me, maybe through AWB? I’m not sure how they found me, but they wanted to meet up. I was too scared.

    Farrell: I had really hoped, after the last week on Twitter, never to hear the word twerk again, let alone encounter its OED definition. I’d not seen the VMA clip, though, and I don’t watch Breaking Bad, so I appreciate getting this mashup. Speaking of Breaking Bad: I tried to watch the first season but found it too grisly and grim. Should I just accept that or try to go back and soldier through? I’m kind of between shows in Netflix now anyway.

  3. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Bryan: You must soldier through! Breaking Bad has been one of the most enjoyable and interestingly written TV series that I have ever watched. It is spectacular, totally worth the investment. Please keep going. Plus, Albuquerque man, when will it ever be as cool as this? Are you with me Barber?

    GF: Yes, tardive dyskenisia. Nice one. She’s definitely on old school antipsychotics.

    Swells: Thanks for reminding me to buy this. Love that Rob Sheffield. Can’t believe I got to karaoke with him–and you. Watching you and Rob duetting Adam Ant was unforgettable. One of the highlights of 2013 for sure.

  4. swells says:

    That clip delighted me particularly because that happens to be the only scene from Breaking Bad I’ve seen at all, due to my excessive harshophobia. But it was set up with full context for me so I could appreciate it, and now I can feel all in the know when I watch that excellent mashup! Which is helpful, since my twerk fatigue has me in a torpor this week.

  5. Bryan says:

    Hey, guys — remember when Weekend Recs were called Judgmentcitos?