Weekend recs


Orphan Black (BBC America)

Want to know why unknown Tatiana Maslany beat out Claire Danes, Vera Farmiga, and Elisabeth Moss this week at the Critics’ Choice Awards? Then beg, borrow, or steal your way to Orphan Black, Season One. Sarah discovers a doppelganger committing suicide by subway. Identity theft leads down a rabbit hole of crime, conspiracy…and clones. Look for Maslany to take the Emmy, if not sweep the category, with her portrayal of seven (and counting) separate women. — Rachel Berkowitz

Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself, dir. Tom Bean (2012)

In this most loveable bio-documentary since Bill Cunningham New York, filmmakers sift through plentiful footage of Paris Review founder George Plimpton’s adventures in “participatory journalism,” from his famous stint taking the field with the Detroit Lions to a palm-sweaty gig as triangle-player for Leonard Bernstein’s New York Philharmonic. Publicity stunts, to be sure, but ones that sincerely expressed the same desire for self-invention and adventure that first led him to Papa Hemingway’s feet. Being a collector of experiences had darker moments too, from strained family relationships to a harrowing encounter — no spoilers! — with Sirhan Sirhan on the day Bobby Kennedy died. — BW


Lime Rickey

Lime Rickey

Probably due to the aging process, I am less and less happy when I drink more than a beer or two in one evening. And yet, summer weather calls for something cold, fizzy, and light. Even better, something that is not complicated, that does not need to be appreciated. Enter the lime rickey, a drink from the nineteenth century that totally rules the summer of 2013. Juice half a lime into a tall glass; add some whiskey (something cheap but palatable), a few ice cubes; then toss in the squeezed lime husk (I know, right?) and top off with soda. Simple and refreshing. — Dave

4 responses to “Weekend recs”

  1. Smrcs says:

    Huh, I thought a rickey was inherently lime. Anyway bring ’em on.

  2. J-Man says:

    Lime Rickey! That sounds deelicious. Two of the best flavors, together as one. Thanks for the hot tip!

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, I guess “lime rickey” is both redundant and underspecific — you can’t tell which liquor is used. I know I’ve heard it called that, though. “Rye rickey” sounds a little weird. I guess “rickey with rye”?

  4. Smrcs says:

    Sorry, the above was actually a brain freeze rather than me pedantically correcting “lime rickey.” I meant to type that I thought it was inherently gin, so I was surprised to hear of a whiskey one.