Do you know what it means…

… to miss New Orleans?


15 responses to “Do you know what it means…”

  1. Bryan says:

    can’t wait to hear more about how this job is going and how being there affects the way you’re writing the series. xo — bw

  2. :Dave says:

    Wow, great pictures.

    Off-topic: testing how my name looks with an embedded emoticon.

  3. :Dave:

    Cracks me up.

    (What’s e: ?)

    I know. It’s a “jiggles my clittie”.

  4. Tim Wager says:


    Thanks for these photos. Having been to N.O. only twice, I still miss it a great deal. What a wide open city it was, and not just in the tourist-laden French Quarter.

    I love the cropping in the penultimate pic. Rage, indeed!

  5. Mark says:

    Those are great. I’ve never had a desire to go there until I saw those pics.

    Mebbe it’s because I’ve never seen a 4 star record store before…only 3 stores in these parts.

  6. brooke says:

    I never made it to New Orleans before Katrina, but when that happened I was pretty close to joining some Red Cross group and getting down there. It’s shameful that our government failed on such a grand scale to help fellow citizens in need. So I miss having the wool still comfortably pulled over my eyes. Nice pix, btw.

    Dave, your name looks goofy with that emoticon.

  7. Jen says:

    Oh, man, I love that city. Been several times. Perhaps it’s time to go back…. Road trip!!!

  8. jeremy says:

    i’ve never been. but those photos are incredible.

  9. cynthia says:

    I agree with jeremy the photos look great

  10. Bryan says:

    I agree with cynthia.

  11. WW says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I had never been before last week and it was such a whirlwind: went to a real jazz funeral for Willie-T, Preservation Hall, a Saints game, a tour of the lower ninth in incredibly incongrous pink patent leather flats. Gained at least 10 lbs. Didn’t want to leave at all. Maybe I’ll only live in “new” places: New Mexico, New York, New Orleans…

  12. Bryan says:

    old with the old!

  13. Well, if you lived in New York (which you might have already; I have no idea), you’d have history with a lot of the people. If you lived in NM, you’d have fond cynicism for the place like :Dave and I do.

  14. *ahum* That’s “a lot of the people here”. Not including me.

  15. Bryan says:

    wendy is an old new yorker who sometimes lives in LA. we won’t them them keep her forever though.