Thursday playlist: Genius or just a really hard worker?

Nick Denton

Andy Borowitz

David Guetta

Merrill Garbus

buy cheap cigarettes

Tara Donovan

This is a small list. But what do you think? I'm going with 3 out of 5, geniuses. I'll post my three picks later. And while we're at it, any one else not on this list who you kind of wonder about? Please don't be shy…


6 responses to “Thursday playlist: Genius or just a really hard worker?”

  1. FPS says:

    I don’t know if those people are geniuses but the Gawker link led to me seeing alleged pictures of Brett Favre’s junk, so whatever it is, I’m fer it.

  2. A White Bear says:

    Brett Favre’s junk makes me sad for some reason.

  3. FPS says:

    Well, the story attached to it is creepy of course. And disembodied junk is a little bit funny-rather-than-hot. But Brett Favre is that big, purely masculine, all-American archetype that embodies a place of envy and lust and some sort of vaguely eroticized resentment with me, so seeing his alleged junk is more interesting than it ought to be.

    Also, “Brett Favre crying” is apparently a common search string. Maybe this is for some reason well known to those who care about sports rather than just the occasional penile portrait of a rugged looking…quarterback? Oh hey, I knew a sports thing!

  4. Jeremy says:

    I loved this line: “As acting roles go, Sarah Palin could turn out to be Julianne Moore’s Forrest Gump.”

  5. Farrell Fawcett says:

    Alright, here’s a little background:

    The reason this post started last night was because after finishing episode 3, Season 2 of Downton Abbey (God, that show is AWESOME!) the TV reverted to cable and Rock Center happened to be profiling Nick Denton who was a totally fascinating subject and after watching it and laughing and totally falling in love with him after his interview, we started talking about this subject of “Genius.” We pretty much agreed he met our criteria. And a quick web search revealed that others have written online and at length about his genius. So fine. “Genius.” Whatever you want that to mean. Then I was wondering if there were any other folks working like him out there?

    I happened to read the NYT article yesterday about the new phenomenon of “miniature e-books” that “let journalists stretch their legs.” Andy Borowitz was mentioned several times and called the “funniest human on twitter.” Also, his miniature e-book “An Unexpected Twist” is currently the best-selling e-book out there. I don’t own a kindle (who kicked off this whole e-book phenomenon) and I was wondering if other people were reading Kindles or e-books. Or Andy’s book. I’m not sure he’s a genius.

    David Guetta was in the Billboard top 25 list that LP posted on Tuesday. In January I heard him interviewed on a morning show in January just before his sold out Madison Square Garden show. He was adorable and sounded really smart too. And then he was featured in the New Yorker. And then I realized just how many huge top 40 hits he has produced. He has an amazing touch. He can make a hum-drum song kind of explode. I really like him. But I’m not sure he’s a genius.

    Merrill Garbus is the musician behind tUnEyArDs, last year’s break-out indie band. She’s really interested in that cool indie thing of mixing African beats and vocal experiments and many different instruments. And sometimes she gets it awesomely right and it sounds like genius. So I’m kind of on the fence with her.

    Tara Donovan is a visual artist who uses very pedestrian materials in the most interesting ways. Styrofoam cups, pins, pencils, etc. Her pieces are really big sometimes. She won a Macarthur. I saw her show in Kentucky a few years ago and walked around the museum with a smile of wonderment and delight. I don’t know what she’s doing lately, but she really stuck with me. I think she’s a genius.

    Alright. Now that that’s over, I wanted to mention dear Scotty G. A gifted photographer (god bless him for carrying on the Monday Photo part of TGW after these many months (years?!). And we all know he is a gifted musician. And of course a kick-ass critic. And apparently an amazing collage-maker. I don’t ever process my friends through the geniusnessess filter. But I sure wish I could see his art opening tomorrow night. Congratulations SG!

  6. LP says:

    FF, I wish I’d had time yesterday to do a little research and mull over your question… I’m not familiar with all the people you listed, and though I did click through to your links for a quick perusal, it wasn’t enough time to form an opinion as to their genius status.

    I love your explanation for how this post came about – those conversations that just meander after seeing someone or something that inspires you. Based on the Tara Donovan photos, I would really love to see her work in person. But lucky for me, I have the work of the marvelous SG within my reach!