Vroom, vroom

I’m thinking about getting a new car. At the moment, I’m torn between getting something sensible like this:

… or getting something fun like this:

Of course, I also have mixed memories of the agonies and eventual parting of ways with this:

So… what’s a girl to do?

14 responses to “Vroom, vroom”

  1. LP says:

    PS: Incredibly, I seem to be the only user of the term “Satanvertible” on the entire Interwebs. Google reports just 9 hits – 7 from TGW, 1 on a site describing a short film my Satanvertible was in, and 1 random mention by a Wikipedia editor discussing whether the term “Samurai Aerobics” deserves its own Wikipedia entry.

  2. Prius-newby-crazyguy-who-loves-his-car-way-too-much says:

    I guess you know what my answer is.

  3. LP says:

    Ah, do tell, crazyguy! Are you in love? Or is this infatuation?

  4. Tim says:

    LP, you seem to me someone who does much better over the long run with the sensible. Not to say you don’t do the fun stuff, but when it comes to something like a car, you’re more comfortable with the dependable. Also, from comment #2, it seems that the Prius actually exists at the nexus of the sensible and the fun. They’re not mutually exclusive. Plus, “mixed memories” of the Satanvertible? If you need any reminders of the horror, take another look at your tear-streaked face in your driver’s license photo.

  5. LP says:

    4: Yes, dependable is definitely good. If the Satanvertible had been dependable, I daresay I would still be driving it. But this is the problem with older used cars, innit? You may get a clunker or you may get lucky.

    And yes, my driver’s license photo is ample reminder of the agonies of the Satanvertible. But in fairness, that was taken a mere 30 minutes after I learned that the damn thing leaked like a sieve. I also have a wonderful memory of picking up BW at the airport, with the top down on a gloriously sunny LA day, and having him look it over approvingly and say, “Of course you drive a red convertible! It’s so perfect for you.” I beamed that whole week.

    So, good and bad.

  6. Prius-newby-crazyguy-who-loves-his-car-way-too-much says:

    Oh LP, it’s LOVE…

  7. J-Man says:

    I think you should get one of each.

  8. k-sky says:

    Fiat! (I am a very happy Prius driver. But it’s mrs. k-sky’s car technically, and if the day comes soon that we need to take out my Chevy Malibu more than twice a week, I want something teeny and cute.)

  9. Dave says:

    I think people who live in the beautiful, nearly rain-free climate of Los Angeles have an obligation to the rest of us, stuck in rainy, snowy places barely fit for human habitation, to drive CONVERTIBLES, or at least have sun roofs. Also, you’re blonde who’s got it going on. A red convertible is so perfect for you! Just wear a head protector for the alpha rays.

  10. Stella says:

    The problem is, LP, you have the wild inclination for fun, but you don’t have the same wild inclination for losing money. So when the fun becomes expensive, the dmv photos are tear streaked. Remember the casino in Santa Fe?! You need to get your wildness fixes from cheaper sources. :)

  11. Prius-newby-crazyguy-who-loves-his-car-way-too-much says:

    That’s crazy, k-sky. I’m in the same boat as you, but my boat is a 96 Subaru.

  12. Trixie says:

    I vote for Cooper Mini convertible. Red if you like. I would have one if it weren’t for the kid and the 140 lb dog.

  13. LP says:

    8, 9 12: I should note that RB has a red mini cooper convertible, so we have that angle covered. That’s why, when I bought the car I have now, I went for a “sensible,” family-size car that we could lug people and things around in. But lately that little “wild inclination” of which Stella speaks has become an itch to have a “fun” car of my own. Hmmm. Perhaps I shall “test-drive” a Prius “this weekend,” to see how “fun” it is to drive.

  14. trixie says:

    ohhhh. got it.
    i should get all my information straight before i start making suggestions.

    i know this is super boring and not sexy at all, but i love my 2008 subaru outback. it does have a sunroof, if that counts for anything.