Travel summery pt. 6: New Jersey, the dream state

I was a scared little kid, and since NJ is where I grew up, the state still holds a greater degree of creepiness than any place I’ve since been.  Even if I weren’t from there, however, Jersey would likely put me ill at ease.

I shot these during a walk on the beach.  The fog was so thick that I couldn’t see the ocean, even when standing right at the shoreline. I’ve never before had the experience of hearing waves crashing right in front of me without being able to see them.  Walking for a while, and hearing such a powerful and familiar sound without the visuals put me into a weird zone for sure — I started to feel detached from my normal sense of physicality.

Anyway, I shot these photos when some light was available on my walk:

6 responses to “Travel summery pt. 6: New Jersey, the dream state”

  1. Tim says:

    Wicked cool photos! They’re straight out of a noir.

  2. J-Man says:

    I’ve also experienced that kind of fog so thick that you can’t see the water – eerie indeed.

  3. sg says:

    Thanks for the comments. This is my favorite set that I’ve posted to date.

  4. lane says:

    cool, and yes, jersey is a strange place. part bucolic farm land (we know! it’s not all bayonne!) but then wedged between new york and philly with out a major city of it’s own.

    home of the sopranos… that alone qualifies it for weird. Bruce Springsteen is great, but he’s also so dark and pessimistic, very very Jersey.

    These photos extend the meaning of the phrase… “The Jersey Shore.” … which I’ve never seen, but know about, and hear about all the time… kind of like Jersey itself in that way…

  5. sg says:

    I’d really love to take a bunch of you on a tour of ScottyGee’s NJ.