I’m about to get my Old Spice on — 2010 Mix

Dear Reader-Listeners,

As I sit here composing this post and listening to the mix of songs from 2010 I have made, I think of you as you may be as you listen to it wherever, whenever, however it may be you listen to it — blasting from your stereo as you make dinner with friends, chirping from earbuds while you ride the subway, or drifting out of computer speakers as you surf the interwaffle and pretend to work. It makes me smile to think of you as you listen. I thought affectionately about all of you as I meticulously picked these songs and put them in an order that makes sense to me. I hope you like it. It is my labor of love for you.

For an understanding of my approach to making a year-end mix, check out last year’s post. If you just want to start with the music, the link is at the bottom of this page.

1. Hauschka — Sunny Mission

Jeremy gave me this CD. Thanks, Jeremy!

2. Mountain Man — Animal Tracks

Jeepers, these ladies can sing.

3. Axel Krygier — Llega Enero

I hadn’t heard of him before I started putting this mix together. I’d like to learn more.

4. Quadron — Jeans

Same as #3, but substitute “them” for “him”.

5. Vanish Valley — Become the Night

A friend sent this to me. Thanks, Kim!

6. The Weepies — Please Speak Well of Me

This was the last song I chose. It just seemed to fit right right here.

7. John Grant — Chicken Bones

LOLZ. Also, Sara Lov sings background on this track. P.S. So the chorus sounds exactly like a Gordon Lightfoot song. So what? It’s an excellent song.

8. Frazey Ford — One More Cup of Coffee

You may know that it’s a Bob Dylan cover and that Frazey Ford was in a band called The Be Good Tanyas. A song of theirs made a previous end-of-year mix of mine.

9. Citay — Dream Together

Citay also made another mix of mine. So I repeat myself. So what?

10. Phosphorescent — It’s Hard to Be Humble (When You’re from Alabama)

What’s to add to that? This song is on the CD included with this year’s Oxford American Southern music issue. It’s a really good magazine.

11. Tristeza — Raise Your Gaze

Don’t you love it when you “discover” a band and they already have, like, seven records and have been around for over 12 years? Me too. Fans of prog instrumentals, take note.

12. Alasdair Roberts & Friends — The Daemon Lover

So, yes, I repeat myself. Alasdair Roberts was on last year’s mix. How are you supposed to learn to buy all of his records if I don’t keep repeating myself?

13. Bryan Ferry — No Face, No Name, No Number

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Go ahead. Love this Bryan Ferry song from 2010. It, too, is a cover, of a Traffic song.

14. Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore — My Wealth Comes to Me

I don’t know anything about these guys, and I don’t feel like looking them up. Don’t underestimate the value of a little mystery in your life now and then.

15. No Age — Glitter

Los Angeles punk. The Smell. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, but this is a great song. Again, they were on another mix I made, but now you’re getting a deeper sense of my personality, right? Oh, the rewards.

16. Jolie Holland & Joel Hamilton vs Kasai All-Stars — Nyeka Nyeka (Rework)

Congotronics, re-done by a couple of Brooklynites. Yes, I’m aware of how dated that already sounds. Blah to the blah. It still rips.

17. Gary Lucas — Songstress on the Edge of Heaven

Gary Lucas used to play guitar for Captain Beefheart (RIP). Now he does whatever the hell he wants because he’s amazingly talented. This is from a record he did of mid-century Chinese pop song covers. The vocalist is Celest Chong.

18. Broken Bells — Your Head is on Fire

Danger Mouse and the dude from The Shins. Blah, blah, blah. But really good and fun!

19. Tracey Thorn — Oh! The Divorces

Everything but the radio play she deserves.

20. Teenage Fanclub — When I Still Have Thee

After a break-up song, a still-together song! I love when the bands of my youth still make good records. I also love how happy this song makes me feel.

Furthermore, I love you all.

Happy listening!

Yer pal,


6 responses to “I’m about to get my Old Spice on — 2010 Mix”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Exciting! And I love the play-by-play, too (and the fact that you end here with Teenage Fanclub!)… Oh, also: you’re welcome for the Hauschka. (I’m a bit of a Hauschka pusher. Check out Hauschka, people!)

  2. LP says:

    “…as you surf the interwaffle and pretend to work.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about here.

  3. Jeff Koons says:

    Attention, clowns: If you’re thinking of making anything in the shape of a balloon dog, think again. I will sue your ass.

  4. Tim says:

    Mmm-mmm, that Koons story was delicious reading.

  5. lane says:

    that jeffery is a bitch . . . 4 sure : )

  6. swells says:

    Okay, I finally got to get my Old Spice on–might have to rename it “Songs to Write your Syllabus By–Er, By Which, Etcetera.” The Old Spice title is perhaps a bit sexier, I’ll admit. Faves so far, which I bet will not surprise you: Axel Krygier, Quadron, Gary Lucas, and yes, John Grant (“Sundown, ya better take care if I find you been creepin’ round my back stair . . . ” –you are so right.) And excuse me, but I would NEVER be embarrassed about my love for Bryan Ferry! Thanks for this new introduction!