Let us count the ways

How despicable is Sarah Palin? I know this is beating the proverbial dead horse, but a clip of the Palinmonster that surfaced yesterday has only served to reinforce how ludicrous, shallow and loathsome she truly is.

Here is the clip. Short quiz to follow.


What is the most despicable moment in this exchange?

A.  “Oh, you wanted me to be your governor! I’m honored!”

B.  The goon with the earpiece trying repeatedly to stop whoever is filming.

C. Palin rolling her eyes at the woman’s revelation that she is a teacher.

D. “I’m honored! No, she thinks I’m a  celebrity!”

E. Palin’s daughter declaring, “She’s representing the United States!”

Who is buying what this person is selling? Seriously – can you imagine any others supposed party standard-bearer behaving in such a way? I hope we see more unscripted moments from Ms. Palin, as they surely can only serve to turn off more potential voters.

Here’s a real question, though: Does Sarah Palin really have any chance to be the Republican nominee in 2012? It seems impossible to me – impossible that a large enough swath of Republicans could really support her and / or really expect her to have a chance to win. But then again, who else do they have? I would think that nominating Palin would be tantamount to handing Obama a second term – can you imagine a debate between those two? But she Just. Won’t. Go. Away.

What do you think? Is she merely a celebrity, or is she still a viable politician?

12 responses to “Let us count the ways”

  1. A White Bear says:

    Jesus Christ, what a narcissist.

  2. PB says:

    She’s viable because there are a whole lot of stupid people out there and a whole lot of very scary smart people who know exactly how to exploit mass stupidness in the name of God, pseudo-history and hate wrapped up in value-words. She is the perfect ultra-conservative woman – pretty, spunky on the “issues” and utterly controllable. Plus they spin any exposure of her idiocy as the bad manners of nasty intellectuals. Be afraid, be very afraid. She could be very powerful in the hands of a good puppetmaster. Thankfully she has not completely found one yet who can stick a hand up far enough to control her “spontaneity.”

  3. Josh K-sky says:

    Politically speaking, I fear the choice of assholes more than that of stupid people. As for the question, the Republicans lining up right now are her, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels (relatively sober governor of Indiana, Bush OMB director), Tim Pawlenty (relatively sober governor of Minnesota), Mitt Romney and maybe Huckabee again. She looks pretty strong in that field.

    Like an idiot I bet a friend $125 that Scott Brown would be the 2012 nominee. The parallels to Obama were too much to ignore — back-bencher shooting into the Senate in a special election. At least I got 4:1.

  4. ScottyGee says:

    I’ve watched this clip about ten times now, and it sickens me more with each viewing: the goon; Todd who keeps nibbling that damn cracker; the cammo-clad, piping up daughter; and of course, the eye roll. It’s all so gross!

    I do believe that we (lefties) have very little understanding of actually how powerful this woman is. I think our fear-frenzy, fueled by our own media outlets, puffs Ms. Palin up into a much bigger deal than she actually is. In short, I think her nomination is an utter impossibility — I hope this is the case anyway.

  5. Item C is the most disturbing. She doesn’t even have canned material for teachers, I imagine because they are elitist and not worth trying to reach.

    There’s also some other body language stuff that I find utterly cringe-inducing, though I’m not sure I can be completely clear about why… I guess just things like the little gesture with her fists at 0:36-0:40 while she spouts her bullshit about fighting for the constitution seem to express some of her glib disavowal of anything beyond sloganeering in an unintentionally honest way.

  6. Dave says:

    Gah, I cannot stand to watch that woman.

    For a while I was betting on Huckabee as the nominee in 2012, but then I saw his syndicated talk show.

  7. swells says:

    Definitely C. So creepy! (As one commenter on Gawker noted, what has she ever learned from teachers?) I have to admit being thrilled to pieces with the Bristol/Levi debacle this month, though, since it might make her look even trashier than she already is (though I fear his behavior might also stir up sympathy for her). Scotty tries to quell my terror of her every day with assurances like he makes in #4, but I don’t trust my compatriots AT ALL not to be suckered in by her antiintellectualism. I am ashamed to say I think I hate her more because she’s a woman and stands a chance of being the first female president, thus shaming not only the country but the gender as well. I hate Condoleeza Rice too, but my god, she looks good to me now by comparison. How sad is that?

    In related political news that has me rubbing my hands with glee, guess who might be running for mayor of Wasilla? And how will this affect Sarah’s publicity machine? Sorry I can’t link on Safari, but check it:

  8. swells says:

    p.s. Josh K-Sky, I for one think you’re gonna win that Scott Brown bet, and have thought for a while he’d be the one. And as little as I know about him, I’ll take him (or pretty much anyone, including Trig) over Sarah Palin.

  9. Dave says:

    Rand Paul, acolyte of Aqua Buddha, sure uses a lot of hair gel.

  10. LP says:

    2: PB! PB! Is it really you?

    7: Wow, Levi for mayor. What a bizarre, reality-TV-infused society we are. Anyone really can become famous for anything, and the fame goes on and on.

    9: Yeah, right? I have always been irritated by that guy’s hair. What is with that little shock of curls, so carefully tended?

  11. Josh K-sky says:

    I hope you’re right, swells. I want a nice big TV.

  12. PB says:

    yup – I am back. The prodigal blogger.