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bw’s summer 2014 mixtape

summer 2014 mixtape from _waterman on 8tracks Radio.   Here are my summer 2014 high-rotation tunes. If the new stuff’s not new to you, maybe the old will be, or vice versa. If you fast-forward track 8 I’m not sure if we can still be friends. Otherwise, talk it out in the comments section. Download […]

You stomach contains a lot of very strong acid. It is an acidic environment.

Among the many reasons Whole Foods drives me crazy is their never-ending supply of snake oil.

The ugly, the not ugly, and the delectably ugly

Opera post: yay? So after I went on about Gruberova having an ugly voice and at least one person found this not to be so, I thought I’d throw something on about ugly voices and beautiful voices. It is, of course, purely subjective, but I think there tends to be a loose consensus about it. […]

“I felt …”: Thoughts on Richard Serra and #SerraQatar

Photos by Molly Waterman If you follow me on Instagram you already got an eyefull of our trip to Doha a couple weeks ago. We were there, basically, to see a whole lot of Richard Serra, which we did over three days. I wrote a piece about it for Hyperallergic, which they posted last week. […]

Farrell’s summer mix

Hey y’all, I meant to post a Spring-is-here mix a couple months ago. But you know, life and stuff and stuff. And more stuff. But finally. Tonight. Here! Two mixes!! It had to be two. Cause it’s a half year’s worth of music and a lot of time has passed since Winter’s mix. I listen […]