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Punk at 40

Hey, kids. I’ll be in NY in March for some fun Punk stuff, such as this, this, and this, with a few more bits still in the works. Meet up?

The “butt song from hell”

Via The Dish, the story of a Hieronymus Bosch composition brought to life.

Ruh Roh

Oh jeez, the jig is up.

21 from 2013

21 from 2013 from _waterman on 8tracks Radio. Some songs that were published in 2013. Mood: laid back, late night. Most of these come from albums that were also favorites, so you may as well count this as a top 21 list too, though these tracks were picked for the mix, not necessarily because I […]

Your body is a battleground

BYU produces the soft-gay-porniest anti-masturbation video ever.