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Weekend recs

Some tunes for your holiday weekend: The soundtrack to the 1975 film adaptation of The Day of the Locust. (I haven’t actually seen this. Have you?) Also recommended: losing several hours in’s fantastic, eclectic collection of 78rpm records. — BW

51,498 unique visitors

That’s how many TGW had in August of 2007. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Demo Boot Camp is Wow!

If you feel your physique needs a bit of help, or you want to lose a few pounds quickly, may I recommend Demo Boot Camp? Demo Boot Camp is fun! Demo Boot Camp is happening! It’s simple, really; just find a house that needs a lot of work and start ripping shit up. Watch while […]


I’ve wanted to write a post about work for quite a while but haven’t been able to work it out because of work. So I’m going to justify it now on the grounds that, ultimately, blogging is work, a point I’ll return to in conclusion. To recap, then: Although I have too much work to […]

How a record is made

Silent film from 1928 explaining how a Columbia Record is recorded and manufactured. Required viewing. ht @jodyrosen

Weekend recs

Hopkinson Smith Early music people tend to be musical polyglots, and such is Hopkinson Smith. A founding member of Hespèrion XX, Smith plays lute, vihuela (see below), theorbo, and for all I know, electric guitar. I’m recommending him not as a specialized interest, I hope, but as a delight for anyone who enjoys soulful instrumentalism […]

Laurie on Lou

Here is Laurie Anderson’s farewell tribute to Lou Reed, in Rolling Stone. So beautiful, so sweet.

Flashback: summer of Turrell

A film by Molly Waterman

Weekend recs

A Night with Lou Reed (live at the Bottom Line, 1983) Here’s a full hour of Lou Reed in great form, not long after The Blue Mask was released, and featuring (as the album did) Robert Quine. There’s so much good stuff here, but it’s best just to think about this as 40-year-old Lou, back […]