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No, I’m actually asking

[youtube][/youtube] Srsly, what are you doing? I’m curious.

Lou, John, and Nico – Paris ’72

I’d never seen any footage of this show before. Incredible.

RIP Lou Reed

Impossible to know where to start, really.

Weekend recs

Hidden things on hills, San Francisco, California San Francisco gives up its secrets slowly, but they are fabulous. Relying on Google map directions to visit friends-of-a-friend, we ended up climbing the Filbert Steps up Telegraph Hill. They rose through an improbable fairyland of Victorian cottages and exotic plants, some kind of vertical Shire tucked right […]

Who wants to go for a damn hike?

Are you sitting at a desk right now? Doing a little Internet surfing in between bouts of Candy Crush, or checking your Facebook page, or maybe even some work? Do you want to stop doing those things and go for a damn hike? Come on, dammit! It’s time for some fresh air. Here’s a view. […]

The Music of Nature

You have to listen to the first track of this! Mind. Blown.

Covers Album

It must have been a year ago, or maybe two, I posted about how I write compulsively but can’t seem to write fiction. What followed from that was a fun little experiment gamely proposed by Lisa Parrish wherein we wrote and exchanged very short fiction. I ended up with two little stories that were not […]

Twitter redux

The fact that Twitter remains less mainstream than Facebook is, frankly, a big part of its appeal. An interesting piece from HuffPo in advance of the platform’s IPO.

Songs for a super kick-ass Fall

blackjack online Songs for a super kick-ass Fall from seroquel on 8tracks Radio. It happened again. Another mix from Farrell Fawcett. Not much to say except that there are a surprising number of danceable songs on here. What does that mean? I don't know. That I still love to shake it? For sure. Absolutely! In […]


Six decades of the most popular names for American girls, state by state. via.