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Weekend recs

The perfect teenage love story is about discovery: finding self, a beloved, a messed up world and the promise that love can save the day. Warm Bodies presents this satisfying combination through a zombie Romeo and a living Juliet, outcast from their respective houses, who connect over vintage music and teach the grownups how to […]

The hillbilly minimalism of Henry Flynt

I’ve been on a Henry Flynt kick again lately, spurred on this time by the reissue of Graduation, a collection of pieces recorded between 1975 and 1979 for an album that was ultimately shelved until 2001. Give the title track a listen: I first ran into Flynt’s stuff a few years back when I was […]

Vampire Weekend vs Daft Punk

If you haven’t seen this gorgeous video yet or heard one of the prettiest songs of the year, then shit, my girl, step to it. [youtube][/youtube] Thank you to Bryan for posting a biscuited video for Daft Punk right below this. Cause the most interesting music conversation going on right now is how these two […]

The zen of Yellow Submarine

When we had our first kid — lo, these almost nineteen years ago — we learned pretty quickly that most media produced for children in this era is toxic to adults. Nickelodeon shows, Disney Channel, inane computer animated features or, worse, live action films of dogs with computer animated mouths. No thanks. When other parents […]

Daft funk

This may be the best thing you watch this week.

The original underground superstar

Late last week Taylor Mead — the Lower East Side legend widely heralded (by himself and others) as the original underground film star — passed away in Colorado at age 88. From the Times obituary: Mr. Mead was the quintessential Downtown figure. He read his poems in a Bowery bar, walked as many as 80 […]

What do the axes represent, do you think?

“This is an algorithmically-generated map of the musical genre-space.”

Stones Throw (Pt. 1)

It was a busy Saturday, one in which we were going to run errands and getalottastuffdone.  Thee Perfesser, glued to his busy-screen as ever, noticed the news going around that the Stones were going to play a show at a small local venue, and that tickets were $20 apiece.   We’ve both been to a […]

The rise of Basquiat

So I came across these gorgeous Tseng Kwong Chi photos of Basquiat, Warhol, and Haring the other day and they just rubbed a little salt in my wound of having missed the big Basquiat blockbuster at Gagosian this spring. In case you missed it too, here’s the rather staid official gallery walk-through followed by funnier […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love the run

Jesus, I can't believe that's the title of this post. Love the run? Seriously? Cause I fucking hated running. My whole life. Totally hated running. I thought runners were kind of bonkers. (I'm sorry lovely darling runners out there, I know I'm a total judgey asshole.) But I thought people who ran a lot, like […]