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Twitter recommendations

Back in February 2012, when I was still on my prolonged hiatus from this here site, my lovely friend Lisa Parrish posted a list called “Things that are supposedly great that I didn’t like at all.” As a rule, I wasn’t even commenting at that point, but she almost dragged me out of lurker status […]

Shteyngart blurbs

A funny little film. Don’t miss the last few minutes.

Descent into Hell

My review of Richard Hell’s new autobiography is up at The Rumpus.

Thinking about Twitter post-Boston

This isn’t quite the post I promised last week. I’ll get to that one — a list of my favorite Twitter feeds — next time. For now, I can’t stop thinking about the events of last week as a watershed in the history of social media. At every turn, from first-hand accounts of bombings at […]

Hey, LA: three more days to catch Guido van der Werve at Marc Foxx Gallery

“Nummer veertien, home,” a 54-minute video, will be screening every hour on the hour for the duration of the exhibition. Catch a clip plus some great images here.

Why I don’t do Facebook (or, the state of my social media, early 2013)

As far as I can remember, the first time anyone tried to get me to sign up for Facebook was February 2006. I’m pretty certain about the date because it coincided with events documented in this very early TGW post, which I’ve bookmarked for years in order repeatedly to retrieve the recipe for Mikelle’s Mexican […]

Brief thoughts on An American Family

Watch Revisit the Loud Family on PBS. See more from An American Family. Today in my Age of Warhol class we talked about the PBS series An American Family (1973), generally regarded as the original reality TV program, which followed the Loud family of Santa Barbara, CA, for seven months in 1971 as it slowly […]

Scout Niblett has butched it up since the last time I took notice

This is a great song from her new record.

Die young, halfling

I can’t get this version of this song out of my head. I’ll never not hear Treebeard saying “Young!” when I hear the original, either.

Istanbul advice

The best piece of advice we got on visiting Istanbul was to approach the Blue Mosque from the Hippodrome. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We found a lovely apartment for the week on or something similar. It was spacious, homey, with the feel of an old New York apartment building. Radiators, wide-plank wood […]