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Jay Shells’ rap game

How beautiful is this?

Monday photo: From the top of Jebel Hafeet

We made a quick trip over the weekend to Al Ain, an oasis town on the UAE/Oman border. We stayed at a hotel perched atop Jebel Hafeet, the highest mountain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The view was pretty spectacular, as was the drive to the top — though we didn’t scale it quite […]

Gay marriage at the Supreme Court this week

Tuesday and Wednesday, oral arguments in two big cases: Hollingsworth v. Perry, about the constitutionality of Proposition 8; and U.S. v. Windsor, about the constitutionality of Section 3 of DOMA (which defines marriage exclusively heterosexually for the purposes of all federal laws). My favorite of the briefs (I have not read nearly all of them) […]

Tripblog Always Rings Thrice

Got to the train station in San Antonio at 11:30 or something, got into my compartment, and fell asleep. Awoke to west Texas: a million cactuses which are not cacti because cowboys aren’t classicists and lots of wonderful abandoned structures and at one point something shaped like a wild boar trotting through the scrubby desert. […]

RIP Jason Molina

Anyone who hung out at our place circa 2004 had an earful of Magnolia Electric Co., which was hands down our most played disc that year. RIP, Jason. I don’t like it when people younger than I am die. Don’t like it at all. Secretly Canadian’s statement here.

What’s Happenning? A 1960s NYC video playlist

Happening from Django's Ghost on Vimeo. Antonello Branca, dir. What’s Happening (1967). Featuring Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Gregory Corso, Marie Benois and Leon Kraushar. Peter Moore, dir. Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Originale: Doubletakes (1964) Filmed at the U.S. premiere of Originale by Stockhausen, Judson Hall, September 1964. Featuring: Director – Allan Kaprow; Pianist […]

Tripblog 2

The thing about my family in Dallas is they are family in some sense I never aspired to. They all lived along Hillcrest Avenue the last fifty years. My aunt’s kids went to school close to home and the two boys have lived there again since college though the older one just moved out last […]

I don’t like it … I love it: NWBW March 2013 mix

Download here PLAYLIST 1. Dark Night / El Perro Del Mar 2. Imperial Motors / Lives of Angels 3. Going to a Go-Go / The Miracles 4. Nowhere to Run / Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 5. My Time / Roberto Cacciapaglia 6. Soul Tamasheq / Lakal Kanaye 7. Dreadlock Holiday / 10cc 8. In […]

Pretty songs to get you through your winter crushes

So here it is: the second half of mixmas 2012. This is a much more easy-going set of songs. These songs, unlike part one, don't demand running shoes and gas pedals and hurtling velocity. They feel comfortable in a living room. Or on a brisk walk with a hat and gloves. Or with a glass […]

Tripblog condensed, Week 1

Day 0, Home: Travel doesn’t mean the same thing to me it means to you, almost for sure. It doesn’t mean adventure. It doesn’t mean enrichment. It means nervousness. Day 1, Train: I would put the beginning of the trip as the moment I lay down on my couch to sleep the night before departing […]