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And only I am escaped to tell thee

The Moby-Dick Big Read has finally wrapped, and my friend and colleague Cyrus, who read chapter 99, also managed to blog the whole thing, a post a day, one for each chapter. Am I allowed to do a little applause emoji on TGW?

The New Age

Here’s a postscript to the few lines I wrote about Dan Deacon’s America last week. A couple days ago, with the best-of post still in mind, I pulled out that album and listened through it again. The song “Prettyboy,” which I hope you’re already taking in via the clip above, reminded me — with a […]

Tim Turnbull

These are pretty cool.

BW’s top 15 of 2012

Or something like that. I listened to a bunch of records last year and these are some of my favorites. But looking back over past years’ best-of lists I see that the majority of what I compile at the end of any given year doesn’t actually translate to discs I’ll purchase on vinyl in order […]

Sunday WTF: Out of the closets, into the increased quarterly earnings expectations

A bizarre blog post at the Harvard Business Review suggests that bad business practices are basically the same thing as being a closeted gay: The new Microsoft Surface tablet reportedly rips at the seam where keyboard cover meets tablet. Was it tested for durability? If not, why not? If it was, why was it allowed […]

Bargain Bin Blasphemy

Here’s a fun Tumblr to go along with Tim’s dollar bin mix/series.

A Year in the Dollar Bin – 2012

You thought maybe I wasn’t going to do a 2012 music mix? I thought so, too, until the idea occurred to me to compile some favorite songs from my dollar-bin finds from the year. In my musical tastes of late I’ve been way too caught up in what records from yesteryear can be found on […]

Sunday WTF

Here’s a picture of an ad that’s all over the Boston subway system: WTF? Is this viral marketing for a new movie based on a Philip* K. Dick novel? What is a peace paramour? *Also, how often is this first name spelled with one “l” and how often with two?

Monday photo: Horn OK Please!

Farrell and Jeremy and I have been in India for most of the last week. We landed in Mumbai and spent a few days there before flying south to Goa. (Our original plan to make this a Darjeeling Limited reenactment was foiled by our failure to buy train tickets far enough in advance.) No time […]