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Constellation prize

Today’s assortment of random enthusiams brought to you courtesy of my favorite student malapropism of the semester (see above). [youtube][/youtube] 1. Live music I am incredibly excited to go see Kelly Hogan tonight at a house concert here in Madison. Hogan is sort of a personal hero of mine, which is sometimes awkward because she […]

Art on Instagram

Hyperallergic’s very useful guide. Anyone you would add to this list? I’d add mmuseumm.

Hooray for…

Dollywood! RB and I made a pilgrimage to that great land over Thanksgiving, and it was significantly less boobsy, and more Jesus-y, than I had imagined… I expected roller coasters with names like “Twin Peaks” and sodas served in “D-cups” (for Dollywood, of course), but Dollywood was resolutely family-friendly. But still, this is Dolly we’re […]

Sweet beat November: nwbw monthly mix

Nathan and I emailed some more tracks to one another, resulting in this — just in time, we hope, for the tail end of autumn. Let us know what floats your boat. Santo & Johnny – Cairo Angel Olsen – The Waiting Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go Freelove Fenner – Mint Gap Dream – […]

A radio drama that may interest some here

Wayne Coyne’s Human Head-Shaped Tumor, with a cast of notables.

More Underdog, less Peppermint Patty

Missing you, thankful for you. Here’s a little treat:

Teaching Warhol

Here’s the draft syllabus for a seminar I’m teaching next semester. Feedback very welcome. Age of Warhol This course is a revision of one I’ve taught to undergrads and grads the last few summers — The Downtown Scene, 1960-80 — stripping out almost everything but Warhol and expanding the amount of time I was able […]

New YLT song!

Since this blog bows to no one in Yo La Tengo fandom, we are pleased to post their latest song/video, from an album that’s coming out in January. Watch it in full-screen mode. By the way, did I ever post this animation by Georgia’s parents? It’s great.

#np: Silver Apples

Last night’s late-night reading included a great feature, posted on The Quietus, by Simeon Coxe, 74-year-old founder of the seminal 1960s NYC electronic psych outfit Silver Apples. Coxe, on the festival circuit again, offered up 13 albums that have shaped his musical life. The whole thing’s great, and full of surprises, but I gravitated to […]

Oh frabjous day!

Four years ago, we in California were euphoric when Obama was declared the victor over McCain. Our joy lasted about 20 minutes, until we got news that Proposition 8 had passed, removing the right to marry. What a difference four years make. Thank you, Barack Obama, for coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. And […]