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Settling in has its price

I had one week with my daughter in Paris to settle her in before she started her freshman year of college. It was a constellation of connection and closeness along with misunderstandings and frustrations, the need for separation sitting with us both. The weather was gorgeous and we went out to see the sights and […]

i am not a hipster.

I think that we can all agree that Silverlake, Brooklyn, and Foodies have all jumped the hipster shark. Here are some of the finer examples of hipsterism gone overboard: “Ruth Bourdain” is the nom-de-text of a hilarious critic of foodie-ism. Observe her recent snark here: Last night, on our way to a Dodger game with […]

Playlist for Jerry Nelson (1934-2012)

Sometime in the mid 1960s the young puppeteer Jerry Nelson met Jim Henson. They worked together on a couple projects in the late 60s, including a cheeky version of Cinderella that Henson produced for TV, featuring a Muppet he still referred to, in those days, as “Kermit, the frog”: an appositive, with comma and lower-case […]