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Awesome zine

Zines were the blogs of my day, though I didn’t know about this particular one until just now. Check out these scanned copies of Eccentric Sleeve Notes, a Newcastle zine from the early ’80s. All your favorites are here: Gang of Four, Bow Wow Wow, The Clash, The Smiths, Aztec Camera, Felt, U2, Orange Juice, […]

Nick Cave Mondays are now a thing at @The_Rumpus

Here’s last week’s. And this week’s. Any guesses as to what comes next?

Drug art pop quiz

Washington, D.C. artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took lots of different kinds of drugs. After ingesting each one, he drew a self-portrait. The resulting collection, titled Drugs, is a fascinating window into how different substances affect the mind. Click here for the full collection, but before doing so, try this pop quiz. The portraits below were […]

Call to prayer

One of the first things you’ll notice in Abu Dhabi, aside from the sun, is the daily ritual — five times daily, actually — of the adhan (pronounced azan), or call to prayer. Because prayer — or salat — in Islam is spread throughout the day according to the position of the sun, the timing […]

Now digging: Lau Nau & Kuupuu

For you fans of improvised electronic/folk looped music, check out this downloadable NPR session by Finnish artists Lau Nau and Kuupuu. Soothcore!

Jesus in the news

Jesus, often accused of diversion and rabble rousing, has managed to distract the media again, even in a week where Mitt is sporting a suspicious tan. The news this time?  A fourth century papyrus hinting he may have had a wife.   The scholar who announced her discovery is an expert in early Christianity and presented […]

No fail whale

The Moby-Dick Big Read is only up to chapter five. Tilda Swinton kicks it off with Chapter 1. My friend Caleb read yesterday’s installment.

How I spent my summer

Inspired by the return of BW to these parts, I hereby resume posting at TGW after a brief hiatus. And in the spirit of his post, here’s what’s been going on with me. In June, I ate some doughnuts.   I also went back to my university for the first time in years, and I […]

Catching up with …

Last winter I didn’t even manage a family holiday letter. In the past I’d let things slip as far as St. Patrick’s Day, but last year things felt so up in the air I had no idea how to describe where we’d been and where we were going, and so I let it drop altogether. […]

Happy Birthday, John Cage!

Instead of posting 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence whilst I seat myself at my keyboard, I decided to share the LA Times’ tributes: a storyboard of Cage’s life in LA, a selection of performances of his music, and a slate of events all over the world to commemorate him. And by the by, […]