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This person’s list

So the Pitchfork “People’s List” came out last week, along with some interesting demographic data. It seems that “the people” are overwhelmingly 21-30 years old (no surprise there, given Pitchfork’s hipster readership) and male (EIGHTY-EIGHT PERCENT!! Dude skewed! Don’t girls like to geek out over music and make lists too?!) So, predictably, the list kind […]

For the weekend: Late summer playlist

This one is mostly stuff I’ve happened across lately, with just a few old favorites thrown in. Like most of my playlists it devolves into drones most suited to the end of the evening, but maybe it’s nice at other times of day too. The Regina Spektor track previously appeared on a mix by k-sky, […]

Stay gold, Ponyboy

This week I stayed with a friend’s daughter while she started her first day of high school and her parents dropped her brother off at college. I had a wonderful time as acting auntie, a role I don’t get to play very often. We also have a lot in common which means we chatted and laughed […]

Hey hey my my

[youtube][/youtube] Why are the Rolling Stones still arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever? A kid who’s starting college this fall, who was born in say 1994, will have a bunch of Stones songs on her digital devices and will play them loud one night, when everyone’s drunk and making memories, and she’ll be […]

Dog fantasy

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dog? Some of you probably already have a dog. When my family had dogs (two, at different times), they solved all our problems. Our golden retriever, who only lived from 1986-1995, and was in many ways a very bad dog, may have saved my life. He also dragged […]


This is kind of wonderful.

Movies of 2012

2012 is more than half over. Let’s take a look at some movies that have come out this year. The Top 5 So Far (In No Particular Order) Cabin in the Woods – Joss Whedon’s incredibly fun horror/action/comedy is a movie that you should really watch in a room with other people. I guarantee we’ll […]

Lurking in the Shadows 2: Not Safe for Scotty

K-sky gets it right

I endorse k-sky’s Tuesday Hatred of Word Nerds.

Lurking in the shadows