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The dumpster

One day there was a construction dumpster in our driveway. We share a driveway with our neighbor and she explained she was having work done on her house. She went on to say that we were welcome to use the dumpster to throw away anything too big for the weekly garbage pickup. This was great […]

What can a kid do?

I’ve been teaching some texts relevant to this New Yorker article and have been having mixed feelings about the issues it raises. It’s not long, but if you want the quickie version, Kolbert discusses an anthropologist’s comparison between this kid in the Peruvian Amazon: A member of another family, Yanira, asked if she could come […]

Scavenger hunt

Working on a legal memo this morning (as has become my habit), I found myself in a despair of precedents and murky doctrines. So I took out my music-playing phone and looked for something interesting. Luckily, I’d recently downloaded an open-source recording of the Goldberg Variations. (The score is in the public domain, which it […]


If any of you know Alice Cohen, please tell her that her music is eating my braaaaain…thanks.

Berlin apartment porn no.1

I still love you, 33 1/3

Remember the time I totally fell in love with an album that completely rearranged my DNA and then tried to write about it analytically and it was a massive success? Me neither. The 33 1/3 book series, with which many of you are familiar at least since it published Great Whatsit alum Bryan Waterman’s awesome […]

Monday photo 6/18/12

I’m assuming that the poor soul who wrote this was in a hurry so’s not to get busted for writing on the restroom wall.


My grandfather passed away last month. Had I told my grandfather I had a blog, he probably would have told me to get it checked out by a doctor, so this is an interesting forum to write about his passing. I’ve wanted to write something about him since it happened. After my grandmother passed away […]

A tape full of hiss and a sleeping bag on the floor

It has come to my attention that a number of my lovelies are going to be traveling for much of the summer. I will miss you all terribly and want to go with you wherever you go. And so, I’ve made a little summer mix, something by which to remember me while you enjoy your […]

Snobbing on…

I missed my post two weeks ago. I apologize. It’s been hard for me to keep track of what’s going on. I’m ending a single year in a new place I’ve never been before, and heading off to another single year in another place I’ve never been before. My friends here have almost exclusively been […]