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I’m no’ s’tickler, but’…

Shiver me timber’s!  Thank’s to Ti’mo for sharing this masterpiec’e.

Neoliberalism, briefly

We had some talk here a while ago about what “neoliberalism” means. Here’s a short history and explanation via zunguzungu’s Sunday Reading.

“Because John Goodman is beautiful”…

… please enjoy this tumblr of his face plastered onto Japanese anime girls.

All Together Now

Last night the hubs and I took a brief respite from our ongoing 30-Rock marathon to watch “Commune”, a 2005 documentary about Black Bear Ranch, a commune that was started in the late-60’s in Northern California. [youtube][/youtube] While the film touches on the political and social upheaval of the time, most of the focus is […]

“See you soon!”

It is probably strange to do this in semi-public blogspace. R and I met in 1992, my sophomore year of college. I am writing a little remembrance knowing that he will soon be gone. We haven’t stayed close the last five years or so, and this isn’t meant to elicit an outpouring of sympathy, but […]


My brain is full of tumbleweeds. I have spent like an hour looking around my apartment waiting for something to inspire me to write a bloggic masterpiece. Ain’t gonna happen. So, what do I do when I got nothin’? I post a youtube opera clip. I’m not sure they’re terribly thrilling, but it beats a […]

Better at BYU?

What do you people think about this?

A process, an end, a beginning

The college search and decision process represents, for some kids, a significant threshold. They begin to move from the present emotion of adolescence to the future rationale of adulthood. They have to consider their own identity in an attempt to find a cultural and academic match. They must take a sobering account of their performance and […]

Thursday playlist: TV and Music we're digging lately

A few of our favorite things: 1.) Adventure Time. It's now in its 3rd season on Cartoon Network. There's a little 7 year old we know who started watching it recently. And suddenly his parents were as eager as he was to catch up on all the old episodes. A lovely 21 year old house […]

What a broad…

I think I reacted to graduate school in the wrong way. I thought that the difficult job climate I would graduate into would mean that whoever figured out the way to teach the most different kinds of courses, and whose research commented meaningfully on the most different fields would be the one offered the most […]