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LA Absmobbers

How to shift gears

So I’ve been rebuilding a classic British road bike for the last few months. (It doesn’t actually take months to do this, unless you only work on it every few weeks for a couple hours at a time and without knowing what you’re doing.) About a month ago, I thought I had it all set, […]

The yellow wallpaper

It’s been close to two years now since I bought my first house. It’s a ninety year-old Craftsman-style home on Main Street in a small city in Wisconsin, full of hand-rubbed plaster walls, oak built-ins, and birdseye maple floors. Despite my occasional restlessness and a love for urban life, this is well and truly my […]

How to tell a story, or not to tell a story

Yesterday I went to a not-so-good play that was, somewhat incidentally, about a novelist who has run out of novel and realizes the most interesting thing she has to write about is her own life. (This ruins everybody’s life, because it’s one of those plays. The guy who wrote it also wrote tv weepie Brothers […]

… shouldn’t you?

  And believe it or not, that’s not even the worst dentist’s sign I’ve seen in Los Angeles. I came across this gem yesterday:     Ouch! I’ve got an airplane on my lip! Can a dentist help me?

The Story of 420

As today is 4/20, I decided that I either need to write about Adolf Hitler, as today is his birthday, or marijuana. Other than being the number one, all-time most wanted target in time-travel related murders, I don’t know a whole lot about Adolf Hitler. I think I got Mein Kampf out of the library […]

The magic world

The first time I heard of the Alhambra and saw a photo of it in a book, I was captivated. I couldn’t imagine that a place like that with a name like that existed in this century, on this planet. I was living in central Europe at the time, though, so I was standing inside […]

Watching death happen

WARNING: What follows is gross. I had such an adventure last night! Between two emergency job-related trips (both good possibilities), I only have about 40 hours at home to get everything done. So of course I come home from the first trip and have food poisoning. To be honest, I didn’t think I could get […]

1st class dinner, April 14, 1912

On Sunday night, RB and I went to a restaurant in central California to indulge in a recreation of the last meal served on the Titanic.   The restaurant, called the Vintage Press, has a dining room modeled after the Titanic’s own dining room. The interior was magnificent, and a five-piece string quartet set the […]

It’s funny because it’s true.

Eastcoasters and Midwesterners alike will gain a certain insight into how Angelenos live from this.