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LA Absmobbers

How to shift gears

So I’ve been rebuilding a classic British road bike for the last few months. (It doesn’t actually take months to do this, unless you only work on it every few weeks for a couple hours at a time and without knowing what you’re doing.) About a month ago, I thought I had it all set, […]

The yellow wallpaper

It’s been close to two years now since I bought my first house. It’s a ninety year-old Craftsman-style home on Main Street in a small city in Wisconsin, full of hand-rubbed plaster walls, oak built-ins, and birdseye maple floors. Despite my occasional restlessness and a love for urban life, this is well and truly my […]

… shouldn’t you?

  And believe it or not, that’s not even the worst dentist’s sign I’ve seen in Los Angeles. I came across this gem yesterday:     Ouch! I’ve got an airplane on my lip! Can a dentist help me?

The Story of 420

As today is 4/20, I decided that I either need to write about Adolf Hitler, as today is his birthday, or marijuana. Other than being the number one, all-time most wanted target in time-travel related murders, I don’t know a whole lot about Adolf Hitler. I think I got Mein Kampf out of the library […]

The magic world

The first time I heard of the Alhambra and saw a photo of it in a book, I was captivated. I couldn’t imagine that a place like that with a name like that existed in this century, on this planet. I was living in central Europe at the time, though, so I was standing inside […]

Watching death happen

WARNING: What follows is gross. I had such an adventure last night! Between two emergency job-related trips (both good possibilities), I only have about 40 hours at home to get everything done. So of course I come home from the first trip and have food poisoning. To be honest, I didn’t think I could get […]

1st class dinner, April 14, 1912

On Sunday night, RB and I went to a restaurant in central California to indulge in a recreation of the last meal served on the Titanic.   The restaurant, called the Vintage Press, has a dining room modeled after the Titanic’s own dining room. The interior was magnificent, and a five-piece string quartet set the […]

It’s funny because it’s true.

Eastcoasters and Midwesterners alike will gain a certain insight into how Angelenos live from this.

I’m no’ s’tickler, but’…

Shiver me timber’s!  Thank’s to Ti’mo for sharing this masterpiec’e.