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Of Butterflies’ Wings

I went roller skating for a friend’s birthday party. So. Much. Fun. Exactly like this. [youtube][/youtube] Okay, maybe not quite. Also, it was strange. Oh, how youthful feelings of inadequacy came flooding back in a tidal wave. The moment I walked into the building, I noticed people I know — some very well, some just […]

The long way around

I’ve talked about my fear of flying ad nauseum or at least ad tedium, and this isn’t really more about that, but rather a little tangent from my neurosis, a field trip from it. For years I didn’t care much that I wasn’t going anywhere too far afield. The northeast is plenty interesting, and once […]

Perry v. Brown (abridged version)

I know that it’s a long post, but 9th Circuit judge, Stephen Reinhardt’s opinion — which upholds the lower court’s finding that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional — is such a beautifully written document. Give it a read and tell me that you don’t feel like the giant ship of history isn’t starting to turn in […]

What I think of this

The waitress walked up and surveyed our table. “What do you think of this?” she asked. I had my head down trying to sort out what seemed like a byzantine list of options. To assemble my custom burger, I had to choose from five different categories of exotic ingredients. I was overwhelmed on page two […]

Thursday playlist: four things

Before I start, I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have been posting and commenting lately with brightness and intelligence and keeping the conversations going. Thanks to all of you. I love TGW and I still check in here almost every day. And I'll continue to do that. Onward dears! Also, forgive […]

Little town, I love you

As a girl growing up in Plains states, I thought all I could ever want was Brooklyn. I never dreamed of living in New York City in general, just Brooklyn. I loved movies set in Brooklyn and people from Brooklyn. It just seemed so obviously better than all other places on Earth that nothing else […]

Tuesday retro

1. Go now to Retronaut, a site with random compendia of fascinating vintage images. It will suck up untold hours if you let it. The page on the “Encyclopedia of Home Improvement, 1970” is what first sucked me in…   …but you can also enjoy such wonders as “Evolution of US Breakfast Cereals“…   …”Typewriter […]

Monday photo: audio edition

Imagine a tree filled with starlings, finches, mocking birds, and a couple of morning doves — this was the crazy scene going on behind our house this morning, so I grabbed my phone and made a recording. If you haven’t heard your local birds singing in a while, put on some headphones, and enjoy the […]

What party does your uterus support?

 As if the media hasn’t been dismantling women’s bodies into parts for long enough, now our politicians are also doing it.

A few things I’ve been looking at

“Being a Maid”. Mormonism dealing with the internet. “The Aesthetics of Authority”. A Szymborska poem, complete with cat and link to an alternate translation. “Kim Jong Un Looking at Things”. Bonus video: All kinds of text and subtext at a UC town hall meeting about Occupy.