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How’s that fugue state coming along? *

Last week Swells mentioned a tune she’s currently digging so much that she claimed, “I might need to ease up on the rotation soon so I don’t forget all the other songs I know.” That got me thinking a lot about repetition, particularly as it concerns art and our experience of it. How and why […]

Every new technology quickly becomes saturated with depictions of


Monday photo: 2/27/12

This Year’s Oscar Menu

Okay. The Oscars are on Sunday night. Billy Crystal has already finished polishing off his best impersonations of Howard Cosell and Sammy Davis, Jr. (you know, for the kids). Your friends have expressed zero interest in the Oscars (to quote one of my friends: “oh, they’re having that again this year?”), but you continue to […]

Now digging

Now digging: *The way the hubbs has been recently rocking three very close but unmatching shades of the same color. I ruminate on color a lot, buckets of lot, but wouldna arrived at this. Here he is today being sky. Yesterday, stone. *The juicy nugget that Rick Santorum’s wife lived “in sin” for six years […]

Stop him! He’s getting away!

I searched and searched because I was sure I must have written something about this before here, but I can’t find it. Oh, who am I kidding? All my posts are basically meditations on the same five or six things. I’m OK with that! Whenever I hear someone say, often in a voice that betrays […]

Things that are supposedly great that I didn’t like at all

1. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy This got an 85 on Metacritic, which is high enough to give you a nosebleed. But when RB and I watched it, I squirmed and agonized through the whole thing, because… IT MADE NO SENSE! Seriously, how many scenes can you have where a white guy who looks just like […]

Monday photo: 2/20/12

I’ve been fascinated by scratch-off lottery tickets for some time now.  They really are the professional wrestling of gambling.    

Eurovision Song Contest winners, 1970-79

Exactly what the title says. You’re welcome. (It should surprise no one that 1974 and ’76 are my favorites) [youtube][/youtube]

“Leverage everyone’s expertise”

Occupy out-wonks the wonks. Read Rortybomb’s interview with two drafters of the Occupy SEC comment letter on the Volcker rule. Links to the letter itself and more commentary at the link.