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Yes, the Watts Towers are that amazing

I deeply apologize to anyone who’s visited me in SoCal. I’ve failed you all by not bringing you to see the Watts Towers. I toured them today for the first time, and I vow to bring all who come out in the future. They really are the most inspired works that I’ve ever seen.  


friends…  i could write a post, and maybe will someday.  KS recently commented that “everyone” at TGW “seems so close”… not really true actually (so come on KS, give us a post) but there are connections. Long and Twisted.  Strange though, I have known KS longer than any of the other What-sa-teers.  Really, in the […]


Based on my accumulated search history, Google thinks I am an 18-24 year-old male. How about you?

The Late Whatsit

In all seriousness, I’ve had such a great time writing for this blog every month and reading all of the wonderful posts that you’ve all written. I haven’t met the majority of you, but feel like I know you all so well. I really hope this stays alive, but it’s been a great time if […]

thursday thought

What did perversity look like?

This weekend it snowed and I decided to stay inside and cook and watch old movies on Netflix. It’s become difficult for me to watch anything made since the late 60’s or so; I’m going through a grumpy old lady phase. What strikes me is how incredibly perverted the films of the 50’s and early […]

So… are we done?

I know this is the 327th time we’ve asked this question on TGW, but since no one (but me) has posted anything new since last wednesday, are we finally, at long last, creaking to a halt on this site? I considered writing a post as usual, but it seemed a little… futile.  

Great moments in advertising, part 36DD

Put Your Cookies on the Cooling Rack – Mix ’11

Hey there, you, you lovely person you. Here’s my 2011 mix. I was tempted to entitle this one “Thru Being Cool” because it seems just so incredibly mainstream and predictable to me, but . . . well, I have to be true to myself, yes? And cripes, is this, what, the fifth of these I’ve […]

When David Bowie…

… gets crossed with Tim Tebow: Tebowie.