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I wanna know what’s in store (NWBW 2012 MIX)

Methodology: Nathan and I sat down the other night to make a mix. We played songs for each other Record Club–style, one track in response to the previous one, no intros or disclaimers. The only guideline was that the songs had to be released in 2012 and we knew we were sticking to 20. What […]

Year-end mix: Too much of a good thing edition

Part 1: Cookies Here in the midwest, December rolls around and you start getting invited to Christmas cookie parties. Everyone makes their favorite recipe. Much hilarity ensues, with (literally) too many cooks in the kitchen and the oven going full-blast for hours. The smell of butter and sugar permeates your clothes. You leave your neighbor’s […]

Gifs that keep on giving

Whatever your holiday persuasion, may your fondest wishes come true. More at

Hip Christmas Music

Tired of all the squares ruining your holidays with their un-hip, antiquated, overplayed tunes? There’s help! The owner-operator of this site is both obsessive and thorough. You could get lost for a few hours reading the essays and lists of various obscure genres of Christmas music (who knew there were so many stalking-Elvis-for-Christmas songs?), or […]

A Christmas mix

Or put it on for the solstice, the turning of the Mayan calendar page, or what have you. Some of it’s kind of out there and/or heavy, but download it for the first track at least and you can ignore the rest if you want. Jazz harpsichord! (By the way, two of the tracks here […]

Lux and Ivy’s favorite 45s

11 volumes, dozens and dozens of mp3s, via wfmu, ht ubu.

Will you migrate?

The new Instagram versus the new Flickr app. Mass migration? Or are you simply resigned to the fact that Facebook already owns all your shit?


When will we decide, as a nation, that we’ve had enough? That we won’t let this happen again? Or this? Or this?

One-stop shopping for your xmas list!

Falling behind on your holiday gift shopping? Avoid the mall, spurn the gift cards, save your precious time: these gifts are all you need to please even the most persnickety of friends and relations! 1. Who doesn’t love a holiday sweater? Especially one from a site called   2. Who hasn’t dreamed of a […]

Jim Henson, Ayn Rand, Sidney Nolan & Yoko Ono walk into a bar

… called ARPANET. 1976. This really happened. Or check out this chat between Marcel Broodthaers, Jane Fonda, Ronald Reagan & Edward Said.