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Happy belated 200th

As the father of rock star flair, I raise a glass to you, Mr. Liszt.

The Macy’s Pride March

“Homonationalism’s Christmas effects” (via zunguzungu’s Sunday reads).

Stuff and story

There is always a moment when the holiday season kicks in: the first fluffy snowfall, the first decorations on sale in September, the Macy’s Parade, the smell of baking spices wafting through the house. With respectful acknowledgement that celebrations and interests vary, our family loves Christmas time and it begins when we bring the first […]

Thursday playlist: Eye-catching music videos of 2011

Alright. Let’s just cut right to the chase. Here’s the video that made this post a Literacy H Dogfight event. It’s very very NSFW! You have to go the website. Trust Literacy, it’s worth it. Here. Please let us know if you have any favorite characters. Ours is Ronald McDonald. Here are some of the […]

Tuesday updates, 2011 edition

For those of you who like closing the circle, as they say, here are a few updates on posts from earlier in the year. 1. Vroom, Vroom. Though I was tempted to go ahead and purchase a 1964 Ford Futura, the lure of being sensible won out, no doubt to the relief of friends still scarred […]

Ghost of christmas yet to come

the genius of


What’s even more PoMo than Trump hosting a GOP debate?


The most wonderful night of the year

When the world is a mess, you can fight or shop.  Deep inside the Beltway, a gaggle of women went into a shopping frenzy for beauty products last night. They jack us up on cheap champagne and make us feel that beauty and happiness are just one swipe of a credit card away.  And I […]


“if i’m not a genius then genius doesn’t exist.”  the real raw sh**. * pea** of gre** *****!… : – )