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What you had and what you lost

I’d love to take this hypothetical class on Stevie Nicks, and I have a hunch some of you might too.

Happy birthday to me, I mean you

The alarm went off at 5:00 am last Tuesday, but I was already awake. I had been lying there wondering if I could still cut one last rose this season to put in a bud vase. I got up with atypical morning energy and began the planned preparations. Over the next hour and a half […]

Hopefully this is still up.


Thursday Playlist: Random things I can't get off my mind lately

1.) The Human Centipede. I can't bring myself to watch the movie, but I can't stop wondering about some of the anatomic and scatalogic little details. Are there any intrepid film-goers out there who care to report? 2.) Will the Euro disappear? 3.) This tour video and song by Glass Candy [youtube][/youtube] 4.) How unfair […]

On dinner

One of the few things my mother and I are in total agreement about in every way is that, in this scurvy and disasterous world of ours, nothing is in such a sad state as party RSVP manners. And of party RSVP manners, none have fallen so very low—-yea down into the very earth!—-as dinner […]

LA to Chicago

When you fly, if given a choice, which do you prefer – window seat? Or aisle? When you have a window seat, you’re trapped in a more confined space and have to ask strangers to move if you want to get out. If you have an aisle seat, you can sometimes stretch your legs a […]

When did Justin Bieber become a hot lesbian?

Yuppie rides the buses again

I now spend more time than ever on the bus versus the metro.  At my new office, I can get the 42 bus from it’s start all the way to two blocks from my house.  It’s slightly slower than metro+bus or metro+walk, but convenient when it’s cold and wet and I just want to sit […]

Class solidarity

“One perCENT! One perCENT!” “Why would you occupy Harvard, anyway? We have the most diverse student body in the world. What is there to protest?” “So, what’s the point of all this?” “You know, in principle, I think some of the things that you stand for, I mean, the things that I imagine you stand […]

Meanwhile, one of my former classmates won a MacArthur Grant.

Lately I find myself watching way too much TV. Maybe it’s escapism; maybe it’s exhaustion. Maybe having a DVR is just really freakin’ cool. Without a doubt, the greatest show on the air right now is Breaking Bad. What Battlestar Galactica was to the post-9/11, Iraq War zeitgeist–namely, a wildly imagined alternate reality that turns […]