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I want to get old

Reading this excellent, somewhat-Shandean meditation on the glories of post-menopausal life by Roseanne Barr got me all jealous. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of my time around post-menopausal women lately, but I’m going through a phase in which I simply can’t wait to be in my mid-50’s. I think that’s […]

Hello, Bali!

No football and turkey and family gatherings for us this year! Instead, RB and I decided to head to Indonesia for ten days, deciding where exactly to go after we arrived. Here’s how our vacation unfolded, in very brief because we just got in tonight from 28 hours of planes, airports and automobiles: This is […]

Busted Brown

You’d never catch Thom McCann hanging out in just his undies.

Marfa, my dear

“It’s not a nightclub kind of thriving.”

Let us give thanks

For occupations, decolonizations, new beginnings, openings, and also for the things that are fine just the way they are.

On the Street Where We Live

Our house is a very very very fine house, but as soon as you step out the door, it’s a whole ‘nother world. What follows is an accounting of some of the crazy shit that goes on in our neighborhood, and especially our tiny little one-way horseshoe-shaped street called LC Court (initials-only to protect the […]

Better late than really super ultra late

Yes of course of course. One is thankful for those things. Family, friends, roof over head. And by disparaging that shit, I do not mean to disparage that shit. But as the holiday looms, I am going to try to sidestep the numb recitation of compulsory gratitude and think of some minor, perhaps idiotic things […]


With apologies, I’m having technical difficulties and in fact am posting this from my phone. Hoping to post something tomorrow, but it’s going to be late.

An atheist sees Satan


Guest photographer: Leon Alesi

Leon texted me this photo a few weeks ago, and I keep returning to it because it’s compositionally perfect — there, I said it, “perfect.”