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and hilarious.

Zizek discusses the moment


Graffiti goes literal

Umbrellas, lost and broken

Why is the humble umbrella such a conundrum?  Can we not come up with a design that can open, close, fit in a purse, and withstand a certain degree of bluster? Having spent a day battling New York winds and rains, I am stumped at the imperfections of this essential object.  I propose that we […]

Unreasonable demands

What if we make some demands? The “we” here is vague. Let’s say it’s those of us who are dissatisfied. For example, we could demand that the economy be harnessed to bring increased benefits to the majority, rather than the small minority at the top of the income ladder. Or that we organize our economic […]


Am I the last person to see this? It is mesmerizing. (Jump to :30 if you’re impatient.)

What’s news?

This afternoon I was reading the LA Times on line, catching up on Frank McCourt’s latest flailing attempts to maintain control of the Dodgers. When I was done, I scrolled to the bottom and glanced at the links there. Sometimes I’ll make my way through the news like this, instead of returning to the homepage […]

When bands mattered

Cops, robbers, and soothing electronic music

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this is, but I do know that it’s amazing. There are ones for NY, SF, Chicago, and Montreal, too.

The funniest review, ever

This review almost makes me want to watch this show, but I’m sure that the thing itself could never live up to this take on it.