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Photography 102

This week…depth of field!  It’s all about the circles of confusion. Larger aperture, smaller depth of field:     Smaller aperture, larger depth of field:     Why does everything in photography work in the inverse? And then slowing and blurring motion with shutter speed.  I spent hours running the shower water but the images […]

I made a tortilla

Faced with vegetables that weren’t getting any younger, and feeling hungry and wanting to avoid reading for my Evidence class, I hit upon the idea of making a tortilla, the Spanish kind. I was friends with a bunch of Spaniards in grad school, and they once tried making a tortilla and failed miserably. So I […]

A very useful tool

When words fail you in the new economy, turn here.

Love is in the Mix

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a mix I made for the cocktail hour before a friend’s wedding a few years ago. 1. There is No Greater Love – Dinah Washington 2. Isn’t it Romantic? – Chet Baker 3. My Funny Valentine – Miles Davis Quintet 4. Pretty-Eyed Baby – Roy Eldridge & Dizzy Gillespie 5. Come Rain or […]

Travel summery pt. 6: New Jersey, the dream state

I was a scared little kid, and since NJ is where I grew up, the state still holds a greater degree of creepiness than any place I’ve since been.  Even if I weren’t from there, however, Jersey would likely put me ill at ease. I shot these during a walk on the beach.  The fog […]

Ordinary adventures

My head is wrapped in a towel as I sit down and face the mirror. As she unwinds and reveals the results of the eye-burning wait, my hair tumbles out: the usual brunette, now with two banana yellow stripes along each side of my face. Not what I was expecting. My son is in the […]

Thursday playlist: 10 recent gripes

Ten recent gripes: How Do You Get Your Ex Back Yahoo Answers 1.) Aging 2.) American people's opposition to Progressive Taxation. How did so many Americans reach the conclusion that it is not the role of goverment to correct economic injustice? It makes me sick that lofty principals of limited government trump the equally lofty […]

Unwarranted exercise

It seems like my new friends here are determined not to let me go gently into that good fall of keeping chin-stroking office hours and toddling back to my house for a grilled cheese and soup. Let’s hunt down a new dive bar! Let’s go see a play rehearsal! Let’s join a local meeting about […]

Every 2 minutes today…

… we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. In fact, ten percent of all the photos we have were taken in the past 12 months. ( via the Dish)

Twenty-one years ago…

… Moscow got its first McDonalds. The lines wrapped around city blocks; people could not wait to get their hands on Big Maks and McDonalds fries. The Soviet Union was still intact, but it couldn’t withstand the national hunger for Western-style kultura and cuisine for long; the empire collapsed less than two years later. In honor […]