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The interloper

Dealing with the shoebox was the hardest thing Jessie had ever done. For two days now it had been an unwelcome presence under her bed; she could barely sleep with it there. Every time she remembered it, something twisted inside her gut and she felt like fleeing out the back door, into the snowy woods. […]

I believe that children are our future. This is not a good thing.

I had to watch in 1-minute intervals and I missed a lot of it because the part of my brain that processes language would periodically blow a fuse out of some self-preservation instinct and I would stop understanding the words. If you can watch the whole thing at a stretch without dying of vicarious embarrassment, […]

There is not enough serious blogging about this subject

“On this view, philosophy/masturbation is the wisest activity…”

Tree of life

Current version.

Travel summery pt.1: Seaside Heights, N.J.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite photos from the places to which I traveled this summer.

I Wrote a Letter

One time when I was nine, I was on a vacation and I wrote a postcard to a friend of mine. I wrote out a message explaining that it was very hot where we were, and very pretty, and that I was having a lovely time. I then signed the postcard at the bottom. In […]

Family Slide Show(s)

Hey TGW.  Kate the Great had all our family slides digitized!  She’s my middle brother’s oldest, of six! Looking through these jpegs has been really fun.  We were “shutterbugs” growing up.  My dad loved having a Canon SLR and he loved having sons that could use it.  From the many repetitive images I would say […]

I’ve always had good taste

When my brother and I were crappy adolescents, we had very similar tastes in everything, mostly because I idolized him at the time. He loved Jimi Hendrix and German techno, so those were things that I liked. Our favorite movie was Koyaanisqatsi. We were into South American languages and medieval icons, and we both loved […]

Tuesday lists

RB and I are watching a rerun of SNL as I type this. Oooo-weeee… What up with that! What up with that! Anyway. For your Tuesday pleasure, a few intriguing lists I’ve seen floating around the Internets. 1. 15 Wonderful Words with No English Equivalent (via These are all fantastic, but my favorite is “Iktsuarpok,” […]

Monday Photo – We Cut Heads

Filling in for a vacationing Scotty Gee.